Treat Yourself To Our Favorite Modern Jewelry Pieces

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a good jeweler is a girl’s soulmate. Rumor has it that the late Elizabeth Taylor used to encourage friends to gift her jewelry for special occasions — which is why she ended up with an impressive collection at her death.

While Taylor was a legend, she was also ahead of her time. These days, if a woman wants a piece of jewelry, she’s encouraged to buy it for herself. Keep scrolling to shop our picks of jewelry that would be the perfect gift from you, to you.


This necklace is for the woman who knows that Medusa wasn’t crazy, she was just misunderstood.

medusa necklace

SHOP – $100.80

When you want a reminder that you are both beautiful and dangerous, slip on this ring.


SHOP – $18

A ring that says “I belong to me,” is always a good idea. This one, by Scream Pretty, is both sweet and a little tough.

SHOP – $90

Chunky yet breezy, these are the kind of earrings you reach for when you don’t know what kind of jewelry to wear.

SHOP – $195

Fans of modern jewelry pieces love Catbird for the effortless cool the brand exudes. Wear the safety pin as a token of your resilience. The functional piece can be worn as an earring, or loop through a chain to wear as a pendant.

SHOP – $275

The perfect choice for optimists, this necklace reminds the wearer that she can bloom wherever the hell she’s planted.

SHOP – $32

When you need to let people know that you’ve got your eye on them.

SHOP- $14.75

You know that you were born under a lucky star. Let the world know exactly which one.

SHOP – $27.75

Sure, you could gift this bracelet as a mother/daughter, best friend, or sister accessory. Or you could see the double circle as linking who you were then with who you are now.

SHOP – $24.99

When you need to be surrounded by big beach energy all the time. These are the type of bracelets you always say you’re going to buy the next time you go to the beach…but somehow always slips your mind.

SHOP – $28.94


Searching for things to buy yourself? How about any of these fab trinkets? Let us know below!

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