Shaky Hands Won’t Hold You Back With These Accessible Beauty Products

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It’s Disability Pride Month, and we wanted to highlight some accessible makeup products that are changing the game in the beauty industry. I have a variety of health problems, so I take many medications. Unfortunately, the side effects cause tardive dyskinesia, which causes twitching, shaking or sudden movement of body parts. It’s especially common in people with Parkinson’s, but many disorders and medications can cause it. 

Because of this, getting the perfect line with liner, going root-to-tip with mascara, and carefully applying lipstick can be hard. I’ve pretty much given up on cat eyes, and fake lashes? Yeah, nope.  

So, when I stumbled upon a company that makes magnetic eyelashes, a light bulb went off in my head. There must be more makeup brands dedicated to accessibility! Turns out, I was right. So, in honor of Disability Pride Month, I present to you my favorite brands that promote accessibility within the beauty industry.


Vamp Stamp

The Vamp Stamp was the first brand/product I found when searching on my own time. It was founded by makeup artist Veronica Lorenz, who also helped create the beautyblender. The celebrity makeup artist was diagnosed with a benign spinal cord tumor in 2013, and quickly thereafter lost all feeling in her hands. This led to the Vamp Stamp. Basically, you take a cat-eye-shaped stamp, dip it into gel or liquid liner, then stamp the cat eye exactly where you want it. No mess, no mistakes, and, one of my favorite parts: it’s completely even on both sides!

Guide Beauty 

Guide Beauty’s tagline is “Artistry Made Easy,” and it’s true. The tools are designed to make makeup application a breeze, no matter what your accessibility situation is. For example, their mascara and eyebrow brushes have a ring on them, allowing you to naturally rest your fingers on and grasp the brushes during application. The product I’m dying to try out is their eyeliner. Instead of awkwardly angling your hands while trying to achieve that perfect line, the curved Precision Tip is shaped so that you can hold your hand naturally.


Remember how I said goodbye to fake lashes? Well, I was able to say hello to them again once I found Moxielash. They are so easy to use – make a line with their magnetic liner (you can use Guide’s Eyeliner applicator, for example, to make the line easier!) then attach the magnetic strips…and you’re done. Yup, it’s that easy.  They have tons of different styles, so you can choose the look you’re wanting and go on your way, and each lash set lasts for up to 50 wears. The lashes are made of silk – none of that synthetic stuff.

Kohl Kreatives

Nope, these aren’t from your local Kohls store, contrary to what the name suggests. This beauty brand created their Flex Collection, made up of five brushes, specifically designed for people with dexterity struggles. The shapes of the handles make the brushes easier to grasp onto, they stand up on their own, and the tops of the applicators are 180° flexible, so makeup can go on without constant hand and wrist movement. The brushes’ sales go toward their charity, Kohl Kares, which offers personalized tutorials online to teach those with motor disabilities how to apply makeup.

Products That Win Accessibility Approval

Other brands have begun offering products that make life easier for those looking to apply makeup. While they may not specifically be targeting those who have disabilities, the designs of these products make it much easier to give yourself the look you’re desiring – even if your hands shake.

Sonic Makeup Application Brush

People who can’t blot their faces easily, rejoice: Michael Todd’s blender is for you. The USB-charged blender mimics typical, manual blotting through vibration for an even application, thanks to its bristles oscillating at more than 400 times per second. It gives you a blended finish with any makeup you’re using, even hiding fine lines and minimizing pores.

SHOP – $79


supergoop powder

(Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35

Supergoop!’s setting powder makes life so much easier for those who can’t hold the powder and apply it with a sponge or brush at the same time. Simply open the product, push down the protector, and the product will automatically dispense as you move the brush around your face.

SHOP – $30

Luminous Blur Stick Primer

We wrote about why we love Milk Makeup, and those looking for accessible beauty products will love their Blur Stick. Taking steps out of beauty routines is a godsend, and Milk’s Blur Stick Primer triples as a mattifier, highlighter, and primer with just one twisting mechanism you can use with one hand.

SHOP – $36

disability pride month


Fresh Rose Floral Toner

Most toner needs to be applied with a cotton pad or hands. Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner is a mist, so you can spritz with one hand and be free to continue with your makeup routine. It’ll give you a fresh (pun intended), dewy look without the hassle.

SHOP – $40

Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon

Lip liner? Psh. I just put on my lipstick and go at this point, because, like with eyeliner, precise lines just do not happen. And then the lipstick melts, and it’s just a situation I have to accept. This lip crayon is a 2-in-1. It’s full-coverage, going on creamy and drying with a full-coverage matte finish. It also boasts full color with just one swipe, so while it is buildable, you don’t have to go over your lips 10 times for a strong pigment.

SHOP – $18

lip crayon

rare beauty foundation

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

Foundation is easy for me, because I can just rub it on my fingers and go. But I know this isn’t the case for a lot of people, which is why I love Rare’s foundation. It comes with a dot applicator, so you can adequately cover your face with one hand, then use your brush or beauty blender to spread. It’s convenient and buildable, and it only requires one hand (which doesn’t even need to be steady!).

SHOP – $29

Billie Wonder Wipes

Billie is known for their razor subscriptions, but they also carry some of the best makeup removal wipes on the market for those who can’t wash their faces. The wipes are textured, helping to grip onto all makeup – even waterproof! – and they’re filled with soothing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums.

SHOP – $9

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What makeup products make application easier? Suggest your favs in the comments!

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