Three Reasons You Need To Switch Up Your Scent With The Seasons

Did you know you should be switching out your signature scent with the seasons? Many people have no idea – but fragrance experts say a seasonal perfume change is as essential as switching out your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Who knew? Not us, but now that we are aware, we’ll be following these guidelines going forward.

But what exactly is the reason we need to have seasonal perfume changes? Let’s find out!

Seasonal Perfume

It’s not a coincidence that fashion and fragrance houses debut new scents with the changing of the seasons – they follow the science behind why we should be switching out our signature scents, especially when it gets colder.

Perfume Direct’s Jonny Webber explains the scientific reasoning behind why you should switch up your fragrance over the fall and winter months.

First of all, what smells good on you in the summer may not smell as good on you during colder temps. 

“The temperature of your skin and the air can have an impact on how your perfume smells,” says Webber. “Hot weather can intensify fragrance notes but also cause them to evaporate quicker. In winter this evaporation rate slows down but you might find that scents don’t seem as strong or become lost. Whilst heavier, musky and woody scents are seen to embody the colder months, many people opt for these scents because they have better longevity in colder weather.”

Pardon moi? That sounds complicated and really science-y, so we are going to take his word for it.

Webber also suggests layering fragrances during cooler months; by layering your scents, you can make a completely unique fragrance and move from summer to fall without radically altering your signature smell.

“Fragrance layering is also ideal if you just can’t find the ‘one,’ a perfume that you absolutely love. Instead, you have the chance to make your own signature scent using perfumes you already like. By layering your perfume, you can also help to make the overall scent last longer, as your skin won’t absorb all the fragrance oils as quickly,” explains Webber.

Seasonal Perfumes Can Uplift Your Mood

In addition to the cold, which sucks, darkness falling at 4 p.m. isn’t exactly conducive to a happy disposition, especially if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But pleasant scents have the potential to boost your mood – like aromatherapy for your skin.

“Look for fragrances which include Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Vanilla and Rosemary which are known for their mood boosting properties, or choose a fragrance that evokes happy memories,” advises Webber. “Remember – there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fragrances, it all comes down to personal choice. Wearing a fragrance is all about making you feel good, so choose something that will give your mood a boost when the weather is cold and gray.”

It’s the Perfect Time To Play With Stronger Scents

Don’t be afraid to experiment with heavier perfumes that you usually would steer clear of – try out a more complex fragrance with deeper notes. What would smell cloying in the summer may smell completely different during the winter!

“Autumn is a rich time for the senses – we see dramatic changes in nature, the temperature drops and we feel the need to hibernate and cocoon ourselves in warmth. It’s also a nostalgic time as we build up to Christmas and the end of the year,” says Webber.  

“As such, at this time of the year, we start to crave different scents and fragrances – moving away from water-based fragrances that are popular in summer to deeper more complex scents where middle and base notes of musk, amber, oud, and sandalwood play a bigger role. Often, these fragrances can seem overpowering and heavy in the spring and summer months, so if you are a fan of these deeper, musky fragrances, now is the perfect time to embrace them.”

Keep reading below for our favorite seasonal perfumes!

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seasonal perfume


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seasonal perfume


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seasonal perfume


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Mix:bar Vanilla Bourbon Perfume



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