Disney’s ‘Disenchanted’ Movie Flips The Fairytale On Its Head

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I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss…or maybe just this sequel. The follow up to Disney’s Enchanted has arrived on Disney Plus, and the anticipation couldn’t be higher! The original story made its debut into our hearts back in 2007, leaving fans waiting over ten years to hear its next story. Was it worth the wait? I was able to attend an early screening at its world premiere in Hollywood, CA, just before it was released to the world – and I have to say, it was absolutely worth the wait!

The story takes place literally right where the original left off, with Giselle living with her new family in New York City. Discontent with her new life in the real world, she misses what life was like back in her home world of Andalasia, where everything is a literal fairytale.

One day, she gets word of a new town right outside of the city called Monroeville. A picture perfect quaint town that looks like it popped out of a book. She convinces the family to relocate, but her stepdaughter, Morgan, who is now a teenager, is not happy about it. Her obvious discontent for their new life causes her to resent Giselle, which only makes their relationship more estranged. Giselle gets the opportunity to make a magical wish…and that’s where things start to go terribly wrong. 

OG Cast Returns Along With Fresh Faces

The sequel is a refreshing gem of a movie. Directed by Adam Shankman and with music composed by the iconic Alan Menken, this film packs a powerful message and delivers the most beautiful songs. The original cast is back again too, but they also added some new faces. Amy Adams absolutely will blow your mind with her character range with Giselle. You will see more than just the cheerful side and see just how deep this character really is. Idina Menzel sings one particular song that will have your jaw to the floor, and James Marsden hasn’t aged in the 15 years that have gone by. 

There were two standout performances for me. The first was the role of the daughter, played by Gabriella Baldacchino. Her role in the first film is more of a cute side note, but in this film she really shows us what she can do. The other standout performance worth mentioning is Maya Rudolph, who’s new to the cast, but brings so much to this film. She gives me “Bad Moms” Gwendolyn James vibes, and I’m here for it! 

Overall, I thought the movie was really cute. With Disney sequels being made for films that are over a decade old, the anticipation and expectation for perfection is high. There are enough fans to have built up a level of expectation, it’s easy to have a sequel flop. 

Dreamy And Dark 

With that being said, was this movie necessary? Absolutely not. The way the original ended was perfectly fine in my book. I also have to realize this was a “made for tv” style movie, so maybe simply having a good time and not expecting anything is the way to go nowadays. It was certainly a good time, but I believe that if the script isn’t a story that needs to be told, don’t push it. The fandom for the original film was high, and Disney saw an opportunity to capitalize on that. So, I had a wonderful time watching, but it isn’t going down as my new favorite Disney film. 

Still, the story is a magical fairytale with dark and relatable moments. You’ll laugh and maybe even cry a little. The songs will live rent-free in your head and you’ll be totally okay with that. Go enjoy Disenchanted on Disney Plus, available November 18th. 


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