How To Prevent Havoc During The Holidays

As a wife, mother, or daughter, a number of the tasks and chores associated with Christmas may fall to you. This can include shopping for the food and gifts, making sure that invitations are sent in a timely manner, and even preparing the home for the festivities. Overall, this may amount to a lot of work for a single day’s events. 

Rather than leaving everything to the last minute, you may want to think about the aspects that can be taken care of well in advance. This can help to reduce the amount of pressure you are under and even spread out those costs.

Buy Toys Early

Although some fads may come and go, some toys and games may be deemed as somewhat timeless. This means that you may be able to pick up gifts for boys earlier in the year, and know that they may still be loved and appreciated when Christmas does arrive. You might also want to think ahead regarding the sales that occur throughout the year. Buying gifts for the following Christmas in the January sales, as an example, could be a great way to find some fantastic bargains and space out when you spend money. 

Prep Food Ahead Of Time

Some people find that cooking the majority of their Christmas meal a day or two before can help to save a significant amount of time and even allow you to spend more time out of the kitchen. While this can be helpful, you may want to think about taking it even further. Certain festive foods and dishes could be bought and prepped potentially months in advance. From here, you may then be able to freeze them and then simply defrost them when required. Doing this can enable you to start dealing with your meals bit by bit, rather than needing to spend the entire time trying to simultaneously make a number of different foods within a time limit.

Enlist The Family

While you might be used to doing a lot of the household chores and such on your own, that doesn’t mean things should continue as such. There may be a number of chores that your children can do, depending on their ages. Getting them, and your partner, involved may help them all to appreciate all the work that goes into making the holiday season special. You could also incorporate this into how your children earn their allowance. Although it may take them a little while to learn how to do things properly, and up to standard, this could result in less work for you, meaning you can turn your attention to the tasks that cannot be undertaken by others. Chores and helping out around the house may not be fun, but they can be seen as life skills that your children can use in the future, not just during special occasions. 

Many women find public holidays to be stressful due to the amount of preparatory work involved. By finding ways to split this work up throughout the year, and even get additional support, you may be able to make this year more enjoyable.


What are some things you do to reduce stress around the holidays? Share with us in the comments!

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