These 5 Best Reusable Film Cameras Will Capture Your Summer Memories In Style

Obsessed with the disposable camera aesthetic and want to capture all of your summer memories on film like you’re in the 90s? Here’s how to do just that while still being eco-friendly. These are the best reusable film cameras and phone apps for your summer photography.


Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Camera

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This reloadable camera is almost exactly like disposable cameras you can get at any drugstore, but it is reloadable which minimizes the waste that is usually involved. Something cool about this camera is that you can use the colored slides attached to add cool filters to your photos. Instagram filters are in the past now! This camera also has great ratings, except a few mentioned that it is a little bit difficult to reload the first few times.

SHOP NOW – $39.99

Sunnylife Underwater Camera – Midnight Iridescent

These Sunnylife Underwater cameras are not only super cute and come in different styles like this one and this one, but they are waterproof! Not only will you have the ultimate style with one of these, but you’ll be ready to snap pictures in the pool or at the beach. The only thing about this camera is that you’ll have to buy your own 35mm film but it is super common and not super expensive either.

SHOP NOW – $16

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Looking for a more classic look? This reusable film camera comes in eight color combinations and takes very high-quality film photos due to its fixed-focus wide-angle lens and optical viewfinder. This one is slightly more pricey than the other options but it is a great purchase for someone wanting to get into film photography, more than just snapping a few summer photos. It also has raving reviews about its capabilities.

SHOP NOW – $34.95

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Camera

This Fujifilm camera gives you instant polaroid gratification! Just snap the picture, wait for it to slide out, and wait until it develops. If you want something cute and reusable to help you keep all your memories, this is it!

SHOP NOW – $130


Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera


This camera is another polaroid option that prints your photos instantly! It’s mini-sized and ultra portable, so you can easily take it with you on all your summer adventures.

SHOP NOW – $100

Camera Apps

If you love the retro film photography look but don’t want to contribute to the waste of disposable cameras (or just don’t want to buy one), taking “film” photos on your phone is an option. There are several apps that allow you to edit your pictures to look as if they were taken with film, or to use your phone as if it is a disposable camera.


Dispo is an app that treats your phone as if it is a disposable camera. When you open the app, the screen looks like a disposable camera in which all you can see is a little version of the picture in the “viewfinder.” Once you snap a few photos, your roll of “film” won’t be developed until 24 hours later. The app also automatically edits the photos to look retro.


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Dazz Cam

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In this app, you can choose which film camera you would like to use with so many different options. You can also record video through this app and choose different video camera settings like VHS, DCR, and 16mm. This app offers a variety of cool photography looks at your fingertips. It also lets you edit photos you’ve already taken which many similar apps don’t offer.



Do you like that film photography is coming back? What camera are you using this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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