“And Just Like That” – The Best Outfits And How To Steal Their New York Style

If you’ve been watching the rollercoaster of And Just Like That, you’ve probably noticed the fashion in this season is still taking center stage, just like its SATC sister series. While we’re missing Samantha, we still have a great girl gang with impeccable fashion, and each character has their own sense of style. If you were like us and watched SATC in your 20s, you are probably just as excited as we are to see the characters’ styles evolve into their fabulous 50s with their life and careers — and all new Charlotte Goldenblatt, Miranda Hobbes and Carrie Bradshaw outfits

We noticed this series is using a nice mixture of both luxury and affordable fashion. While digging deeper into the closets of each character we also learned that a majority of the wardrobe for this show was thrifted from ThredUp and other great thrift stores (we love a sustainable stylist!).

While we can’t go thrifting for you, we found some similar styles for each character’s iconic looks.

Carrie Bradshaw

First, we’ll start with the most iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw. While the press has torn her apart for her new look — fans are wondering if Carrie is even Carrie after the Forever21 Balenciaga look, — we kind of love it. Carrie loves fashion and isn’t shy when it comes to her style choices, and we think she’s evolving with the times. I mean, her character embodied the zeitgeist of the late 90’s-early 2000’s, so why shouldn’t she do the same for today’s styles? 

Carries ‘Diana’ Dress

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This Norma Kamali dress has everyone swooning. I mean, even Carrie doesn’t have to accessorize this look — the dress speaks for itself. 


White Blazer:

Rhinestone Pump:

Back To Her Roots 

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This outfit gives us major SATC Carrie Bradshaw energy, from the iconic Fendi sequin bag to the tulle skirt. We love the mixture of stripes, sequins, and tulle — somehow she manages to make it all come together seamlessly. This outfit is also super easy to recreate. Let’s start from the top…

Rainbow-Striped Shirt:

Tulle Skirt:

White Boots:

Charlotte Goldenblatt

We love Charlotte’s feminine style. If she’s not in a maxi-skirt-and-blouse combo, she’s in a super whimsical gown that gives us sophisticated, high tea vibes. We love how she isn’t afraid of bold or bright hues and is always able to add a hint of texture or pattern to her outfits. Even when we see her in the kitchen she manages to keep a put-together, whimsical look. I can’t help but compare her style to that of a modernized 50’s housewife.

Dog Walking Outfit

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I really didn’t think you could look this good while walking your dog. We love the blue and yellow contrast in this look — it’s not too overpowering because the yellow is all in the accessories. The whole outfit is set to only three colors but still grabs the viewer’s attention,  which we love!

White Blouse:

Yellow Belt:

Blue Polka-Dot Skirt:

Yellow Heels:

Kitchen Chic

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Charlotte always looks amazing in floral, AND she brings the same style from the streets to the kitchen. We love the bright pink dress cut with a floral printed apron. I mean, even if your guests arrive while you’re cooking, you’ll still look fabulous while keeping your dress stain free.

Pink Dress:

Floral Apron:

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda is the most conservative character, and her style reflects that a lot. Her looks, in terms of color and print, are focused on more neutral tones and soft hues. She often goes for higher necklines and opts in for trousers or a pant. But just because she’s more conservative doesn’t make her any less stylish — she knows how to turn heads! Miranda gives us the best outfit inspiration for business casual or a day-in-the-office look. 

Sitting In The Park

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We love how this outfit uses a main piece to add a pop of color. The bright orange turtleneck is toned down with an otherwise monochromatic look. Another iconic part of this outfit is the knee high boot with a maxi skirt — not only is it warm, it’s fashionable.

Orange Turtleneck:

Gray Jacket:

Black Maxi Skirt:

Black Suede Knee-High Boot:

Going Retro

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This look is more casual, but we love it. The retro-printed floral top gives just the right amount of decolletage, and the bold necklace sits perfectly to highlight it. Her pink trouser balances out the top, the bolder part of the outfit. This outfit has just the right amount of fun, IMO.

Floral Top:

Statement Necklace:

Pink Trouser:


Which iconic Carrie Bradshaw outfits are your favorites? Do you prefer the fashion now, or on Sex And The City? Talk about your favorite outfits in the comments below!

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