12 Clever Amazon Kitchen Gadgets That Solve Problems We Didn’t Even Know We Had

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a tool that makes our lives easier. Fortunately, it’s the 21st century, and there’s no shortage of ingenious gadgets that solve problems we didn’t even know we had. These kitchen gadgets from Amazon do just that! 

Ice Cube Tray With Compartment

This ice cube tray has me wondering why I’ve NEVER seen it before. A must-have if you’re frequently hosting or always trying to keep the neighborhood kids cool in the summer. Once your ice cubes are frozen, pop them in the attached bin and start freezing some more so you never run out!

amazon kitchen gadgets


Rice Dispenser

I once lived in a house of 13 people, and to keep all our bellies full, rice was a daily staple. This rice dispenser would have seriously come in handy during those hectic dinners. Plus, the included measuring cup also acts as a strainer to rinse your rice before cooking.

amazon kitchen gadgets


ChefWave Milkmade Dairy Alternative Machine

Want to make your own plant-based milk alternative? The ChefWave Milkmade machine makes it easy. Plus, it can make basically any kind of plant-based milk you can think of, from almond and soy to even coconut and macadamia!

chefwave milkmade machine

SHOP ON AMAZON – $209.95

Touchless Soap Dispenser

More than once, I’ve handled raw chicken and then stared blankly at my sink, wondering how to wash my hands without touching the soap dispenser or sink handle. No more, friend. This touchless soap dispenser turns almost any soap bottle into an automatic dispenser. No more washing the soap bottle after you’ve washed your hands (yes, I actually do this).

touchless soap dispenser


Stuffed Pancake Maker

This handy dandy little gadget makes what I like to think of as the breakfast version of Uncrustables. It makes it easy to stuff your pancakes with basically anything, from Nutella to M&Ms to strawberry preserves or peanut butter. The possibilities are endless.

stuffed pancake maker


Collapsible Cutting Board

Not only does this cutting board come with a knife and a knife holder, but it also pops out to become a silicone colander. Chop your veggies and then wash them with ease – perfect for camping or if you just want to up your kitchen’s multitasking power.

amazon kitchen gadgets


Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder

Years of barista-ing gave me tendonitis in my right wrist, and the idea of not needing to manually grind salt and pepper is a dream. These electric salt and pepper grinders also have adjustable coarseness levels and, yes, they’re refillable.

electric salt and pepper grinders


Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

News flash, friend – your water bottle is disgusting. Especially if you’ve never scrubbed it. Get it squeaky clean with a water bottle brush, then rinse and repeat. And then repeat again. (Seriously, it’s gross).

set of water bottle cleaning brushes


Automatic Pot Stirrer

Ever feel chained to your stove when a recipe tells you to “cook for 30 minutes over low heat, stirring frequently”? Not anymore – get this automatic pot stirrer to do that hard work for you. Now you have time to prep sides or just go chill on the couch (you’ve worked hard, you earned it!).

automatic pot stirrer


FryAway Cooking Powder

This FryAway Cooking Powder can take all my money. Ever made a pound of bacon for the fam, then waited an hour for the grease to solidify so you can trash it before washing the pan? Let’s speed the process up a bit – this powder will solidify hot grease so you can throw it away immediately.

FryAway cooking powder


Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

Few things are worse than having a BBQ get unexpectedly rained out – that is, until this indoor grill came along. It’s electric, so no smoke – plus, it’s big enough to grill 8 large burgers, so your guests won’t be hungry for long!

smokeless indoor electric grill

SHOP ON AMAZON – $119.99

Basting Brush With Scoop

Um, where has this been all my life? Say goodbye to your giant basting syringe and hello to this scoop basting brush. Scoop up the drippings and then brush them all over your bird. Turkey has never been so good (probably).

scoop basting brush



How did we ever cook without these ingenious Amazon kitchen gadgets? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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