Build The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal And We’ll Tell You What Kind of Pie You Are

Build The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal And We'll Tell You What Kind of Pie You Are
You’re pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving is your jam and you are all about keeping traditions and making the holiday special for everyone. While you may sometimes get stressed out around this time of the year, you always have a wonderful time and never regret going hard on the holiday spirit!
You’re apple pie!

You love a classic Thanksgiving, but you also like to add your own flair to the holiday. Every holiday spent with you is one no one will ever forget, so people love to come to your house for every celebration.
You’re pecan pie!

The thing you love the most about Thanksgiving is the food. It’s an entire holiday where the only thing you have to do is eat. Yes ma’am. You love to cook and bake and make everyone jealous that they weren’t at your Thanksgiving dinner.
You’re cherry pie!

You love Thanksgiving, but you don’t necessarily need to celebrate it. You’re more of a black Friday/Cyber Monday kind of gal when it comes to the Thanksgiving season, and that’s more than okay!


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