Find Baby Formula In Stock With This New Chrome Extension

The baby formula shortage has prompted people to start looking into alternatives and has been highlighting the challenges parents face when shortages occur. Parents have reportedly traveled to multiple stores, sometimes many miles from home, just to find the formulas their young children need.

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Just as the country thought it was getting over Covid-19, the impact on supply chains, along with product recalls, have had a serious impact on infant formula stocks across the United States.

With little chance of let up in the immediate future, parents of young children are having a tough time finding baby formula. Unlike most food, baby formula cannot be substituted for other nutrient sources by parents of infants that cannot be breastfed.

To help ease the burden on parents, iReviews has developed a Chrome plugin that automatically checks online stores to see which ones have baby formula in stock. With this helpful Chrome extension, you can:

  • Check baby formula availability

  • Find alternatives to out-of-stock options

  • Set up alerts to find out as soon as baby formula becomes available

The iReviews Chrome plugin makes it easier to find baby formula even during the shortage.

Getting Started with the iReviews Shopping Assistant Chrome Extension

Using the baby formula finder from iReviews is simple, quick, and reliable. The team has been working non-stop to make sure the results are always up to date and accurate, so you can always find formula in stock somewhere. 

Here’s how to quickly get started:

  1. Download the official extension from Simply go to the page and click “Get it now” and you’ll be directed to the Chrome Store.

  2. On this page, users have an opportunity to check an overview about the extension, read about its privacy practices and reviews and seek support with the download if necessary.

  3. Next, after the download is complete, head over to Click here to search Amazon and begin your search.

  4. Most of the baby formulas available are out of stock right now, so to save you the time of searching for hours for a suitable alternative, the Chrome extension will do it for you.

  5. The blue star icon will appear on the right side of the browser, click there to see other options for buying baby formula if your first choice isn’t in stock.

  6. The iReviews Chrome extension checks many websites for the same product you searched for and close alternatives.

  7. If a specific product you want isn’t in stock anywhere, log in with your Google account to be notified when it comes back in stock.

That’s all there is to it! We hope this tool makes your search for baby formula at least a bit easier, until supply can once again meet demand. You got this, mama.


The iReviews tool is sure to make searching for baby formula less stressful. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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