I Tried e.l.f.’s Halo Glow Liquid Filter, And Now I Know Why It’s Always Sold Out

We are all for makeup that goes viral within days of its release. Another thing we’re all for? Viral makeup that doesn’t break the bank. We’ll hop on any trend, but it’s the brands that don’t cost an arm and a leg that get us super excited.

e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter

If you haven’t heard of e.l.f before, it’s a stellar brand that goes above and beyond covering your basics. I started out my makeup journey using their products and will still grab some if I’m in a pinch. The thing about e.l.f is it’s easily accessible (it’s in every Walmart, drugstore, and Target), the products have great ingredients, and it’s reliable. 

Their recent launch of the Halo Glow Liquid Filter has sent the internet buzzing. The formula promises a healthy, glowing look to anyone who tries it. It comes in eight different shades and can either be worn alone, under or over makeup, mixed in with foundation, or used as a highlighter. So basically, she can do it all. 

The product is also loaded with great ingredients like hydrating squalane and hyaluronic acid.

I also love how aware e.l.f. is that they made a great product. Their marketing for the Halo Glow Liquid Filter now is “we sold out” and “we went viral.” They know everyone’s talking about the liquid magic that they created, and they’re not too shy about sharing the good news.

Halo Glow Liquid Filterglow halo

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My Review

glow halo

When they say this stuff is sold out, they mean it. 

It’s sold out online, so I went in-person to Target and it wasn’t on the floor. I had to talk to about four people to convince them to even bring it out to me. After an hour at Target, I finally got it.

I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a little stick of concealer. I’m used to the Tarte concealer, so I figured it would be similar in size. It’s about double that size and so worth it for your money. 

That being said, I wasn’t quite ready to write off the fact that it took me an hour to get this stuff, so I needed to test it out. I’m not the biggest makeup girl because I usually mess up the color. God must have been on my side because the only color they had in stock was the most perfect match I’ve ever seen for foundation…ever. 

My face looked alive again after applying just a few dots. After all the grumbling and complaining about the process to get it, it was worth it a hundred times over, and I’m so happy with this product. I’m glad I felt the need to get it right now too, as we’re going into the winter months and the sun-kissed skin look will go away pretty soon. 

The Halo Glow Filter makes your skin look radiant, bronzed, healthy, glowy, and stunning. People are comparing it to products that are quadruple its price and still saying that it’s better than those. 

If you’re at all curious or a little queasy at the thought of going out and getting this product, it’s all worth it, I promise.


Have you tried the Halo Glow Liquid Filter yet? Are you going to now? Comment below!

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