Tired Of Giving Gift Cards? These Are The Best Alternative Ideas

Happy holidays! It’s the week of the big day, so hopefully you have all (or at least most) of your shopping done (if not, check out our other gift guides!). If you don’t, it might be tempting to just get a gift card for that person you don’t know what to get – but really, is anything less personal?

This year, skip the gift cards and get one of these universally-loved gifts, perfect for everyone on your list!


Tile Mate Pack

This tile mate pack is perfect for your friend (or daughter, or partner) who’s always losing their keys.

tile mate

SHOP – $39.99

Bindle Bottle

This water bottle isn’t just a water bottle – it also has a storage compartment in the bottom, the perfect size to keep your headphones or a car key!

bindle bottle

SHOP – $39

Lunch Container

If I had this bento box container set, I’d use it every day. Even the days I don’t leave my house.

bento boxes

SHOP – $14.99

Comfy Blanket

This soft throw blanket comes in 9 colors. Maybe get the dark blue if you’re gifting to a family with kids!

comfy throw

SHOP – $98

Always Pan

Voila, the pan that’s taken over the internet. It’s designed to replace 8 pieces of cookware, so you’re really getting them 8 gifts in one…right?

always pan

SHOP – $145

Portable Charger

For your friend who always forgets to charge their phone before a night on the town, get them this portable charger.

portable charger

SHOP – $85.63


Fur-parents and kid-parents alike will probably bow down if you get them a Roomba.


SHOP – $194.99

Maxi-Mantic Hyper Chiller 

That friend who’s a little too extra with their morning cup o’ joe will love this hyper chiller that will take their coffee from hot to cold in less than 60 seconds.

hyper chiller

SHOP – $24.99


Is there anything cozier than a plush robe? Not really, and this one from Ugg has a 4.5-star rating that just confirms my opinion.


SHOP – $145

Towel Warmer

I heard some people put a towel in the dryer while their partner is taking a shower, so it’s warm when they gets out. Get this towel warmer for your friend whose partner doesn’t do that.

towel warmer

SHOP – $145.99

Portable Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is water-resistant and lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge.

bluetooth speaker

SHOP – $129.99

Wine Aerator and Pourer

Get this wine aerator for your fancy hostess friend, then invite yourself over to do a pre- and post-aeration taste test.

wine aerator

SHOP – $99.95

Smart Plug

Get this plug for your Alexa-obsessed friend and they’ll be able to voice-control their favorite appliances!

smart plug

SHOP – $24.99

Massage Pillow

For that friend who’s always asking you to massage a knot out of their shoulders (it’s me. I’m that friend. Someone get this massager for me).

pillow massager

SHOP – $38.99


Did we nail the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life? Let us know which gift sealed the deal in the comments! 

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