Yes, ‘Hair Botox’ Is Now A Thing — Should You Get It?

“Hair botox” is the latest new treatment that is said to give you smoother, shinier hair. And while sleeker, less frizzy locks surely sound tempting, when you hear “botox,” do you immediately think of needles? I know I do, and I’m not running to a salon to get my scalp injected, no ma’am.

Fortunately, that is not the way the treatment works, so you don’t need to worry about injections – it’s just a hair mask that contains botox. Phew. 

The treatment is done by applying a hair mask that contains botox to your tresses. The mask is then left on for 20-30 minutes, and then rinsed off. Easy peasy! So let’s strip down what hair botox is and why it’s beneficial for your mane.

What Is Hair Botox?

Hair botox is a great way to reboot and refresh when your tresses are looking lifeless or when you worry that heat and stress may have damaged them. However, just like with any other treatment, you should learn as much as possible about the procedure before deciding whether or not it is best for you.

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“Hair botox is a 100 percent vegan, deep conditioning treatment that will keep your hair’s texture intact while leaving it smoother and more hydrated than before,” Kayla Ciambrone, a Florida-based pro stylist at Salon Gaudi, tells Women’s Health. “The name comes from the way the product works – as a filler for individual hair fibers, sealing split ends and giving hair a new sleekness and fullness to reduce frizz.”

How Hair Botox Treatment Works

Even though there are no injectables involved in hair botox, your stylist will probably start with a consultation before applying the product, which is basically a non-chemical concentrate that can include vitamin B5, vitamin E, collagen complex, antioxidants, and caviar oil, depending on the product.

According to Ciambrone, “These ingredients nurture your hair, fighting free radicals to combat the signs of aging locks, from brittle strands to broken fibers. Collagen helps to further repair your hair, while the oils in the treatment help to soften and seal the hair cuticle.”

Depending on how much damage you have, each treatment will be a little different. 

“We assess your hair,” says Ciambrone. “Depending on the texture of your hair and the desired result, the hair botox is left on your hair anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.”

When it’s time to wash out the hair botox, your stylist will use a special shampoo and conditioner that keeps the pH level of your hair in check.

“Your hair is then blow-dried and flat ironed and cannot be washed or get wet for at least 48 hours,” she says. “I recommend 72 hours, if the client can wait.”

Ciambrone says hair botox costs approximately $200 for shoulder-length hair and more for longer and/or denser hair.

The Benefits

Ciambrone says that once treatment is complete, smoother, fuller hair with fewer split ends will be evident. Hair botox’s rehydrating effects on your hair may even reduce frizz, and the effects typically last around two to four months.

Hair botox is similar to a deep conditioning treatment used for maintenance. In essence, this treatment provides a boost of proteins and moisturizing ingredients, both of which are beneficial for all hair types.

However, Ciambrone stresses the importance of having a professional stylist or cosmetologist do the procedure.

In other words: do not try this at home.


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