Lymphatic Drainage Massages Are The At-Home Miracle Workers You Need

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three months, you’ve probably heard of lymphatic drainage massages. 

Lymphatic drainage massages aren’t new to the world, but they’re new to the beauty community, meaning they’ve blown up on TikTok in the past few weeks and they’re actually worth the hype.

What are Lymphatic Drainage Massages?

These massages, while relatively new to the internet and general popularity, are not new to the world whatsoever. They’re rooted in traditions that go back many years. 

As their name hints, these massages center around the lymphatic system, the part of the body that works to flush out all the toxins and sewage from your body. There are two crucial parts to the lymphatic system: the fluid in it that circulates throughout the entire body, and the lymph nodes that protect the cells and fight against infection. If you’re a fan of Pitch Perfect, you know how crucial your nodes are to your overall health. 

Your body has over 600 lymph nodes, with the majority being located in the neck, groin, and armpits. But practicing lymphatic drainage will benefit your entire body. 

The reason why lymphatic drainage massages are so important to your health is that the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump that keeps things moving throughout the body. Because of this, our bodies will often build up fluid in the system. While you don’t necessarily need a lymphatic drainage massage for your body to function at optimal health, it doesn’t hurt.

The Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

People swear by these massages and have begun working them into their already packed beauty routines. 

When you drain your lymphatic system, you’re actually promoting health throughout your body. One part of the body that gets the most positive effect from the massage is the skin. Dr. Obioha-Lolagne says that one of the biggest benefits of lymphatic massages is a decrease in swelling and inflammation, which makes sense because you’re draining excess liquid and waste from your body.

If your face often swells up or you feel a buildup around your eyes, you’ll more than likely benefit from these massages.

How to Do a Lymphatic Massage at Home

@itskristadiane A little routine to wake up your lymph system. This is also a good place to start before doing any deeper/ more intense techniques that could cause a detox response. #lymphaticdrainage #lymphaticsystem #lymphflow #holistichealingtiktok ♬ original sound – Krista | Health Practitioner

As always, you can use tools such as jade rollers, gua sha stones, and dry brushes to help stimulate drainage, but they’re not necessarily needed. The most important thing you can do is create a slippery surface on your skin, so you can massage it properly.

1. Decide where you want to massage.

2. Get a cream, lotion, or oil for that specific area.

3. Warm it between your fingers.

4. Press the flats of your hands to the skin and drag them along the surface. Apply just enough pressure to stretch your skin, but not enough to damage or wrinkle it. If you can feel your muscles underneath your fingers, you’re pressing too hard. 

5. Make sure to practice deep breathing throughout this entire process.

If you’re massaging under your eyes, begin at the inner corner of your eyes and drag your fingers to their outer corners. This process is similar throughout the rest of your body. Dr. Obioha-Lolagne suggests massaging and pressing your skin in the direction of your lymphatic flow. 

As you continue to massage your lymphatic system, you’re helping to filter out your network and promote better circulation.

My Week

I began the week reluctantly for some reason. I wanted to try the massage because so many people swear by it, but I was also slightly worried because I wanted to see results fast and I wasn’t sure if I would be disappointed. 

I wasn’t disappointed at all. 

I started the drainage massage where most of the videos told me — collar bone, behind the ears, sternum, armpits, tummy, groin, inner thighs, and inner ankles. I then went more in-depth and did a drainage massage on my tummy for about 10 minutes. The video told me to press down on my sides and even use a roller to define my waist more. Shockingly, it worked and I woke up the next morning feeling like I’d just completed an ab workout. 

My stomach gurgled all night after the massage, but that’s apparently a good sign that the massage worked and it also makes sense since I’m technically draining the liquid and waste out of my body.

My Results

I don’t know how magical this method is – I don’t want to give you false advertising for it and promise that, if you try it, your waist will shrink and your jaw bones will be more pronounced, but I did begin to notice a difference after doing the massage pretty religiously for about a week. 

After the first day, my abs and stomach were genuinely sore and I had to wait a little bit until I did another massage on them, but I did go through the drainage cycle a few more times in the evening. 

I’m going to continue to do lymphatic drainage massages as often as possible. I know that I won’t see the most dramatic results after one week of doing them, but the fact that I’ve seen a little change gives me hope that there’s more to that transformation. 


Have you tried a lymphatic drainage massage before? Are you going to now? Comment below!

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