The Full Scoop On Brow Lamination: Should You Do It?

The latest trend in the eyebrow game is brow lamination, and readers, if you’ve been following my eyebrow journey, you know I’m always down to try almost any product or treatment to get fuller brows.

The amount of products I own that are geared toward fulfilling this goal is staggering. The only thing I haven’t tried is tattooing, because what if (and this is a huge what if) my sparse brow look comes into fashion? Look, it could happen (it will not happen).

So, when my editor assigned this brow lamination story to me and I looked into it, I immediately told her I was going to try to book an appointment and see firsthand if it works.

I struck out at the first few salons as they don’t offer brow lamination yet – it’s fairly new. However, the Benefit station at Ulta has been doing it since July, and luckily, they were able to slot me in the next day.

Before we get into how it turned out, let’s find out what this treatment is and how it works!

What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a treatment that essentially straightens your eyebrows, making them look fuller and more even. It’s basically a reverse perm for your brows and tames those unruly hairs that won’t lie down.

It’s a total game-changer for someone (me) with sparse yet wild brow hair.

The non-invasive process (yay) results in brow hairs lying flat and in the right direction. They also look fuller.

“It’s an amazing treatment for those with stubborn hair that grows down or won’t stay in the shape you prefer,” says celebrity esthetician Caela Bulzing. “It temporarily straightens and lifts brow hairs, similar to how a lash lift works, except it focuses on your eyebrow hair and not your eyelashes.”

People usually get this treatment to make their brows look smooth and brushed up. Like microblading or tinting, it also makes your brows look fuller and fluffier. The main benefit is that the effect will last longer than if you used brow gel or pomade at home.

The Brow Lamination Process

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Step 1

A chemical solution is put on the eyebrows to soften the hair follicle so that it can be reshaped in any direction.

My Benefit brow care expert, Danielle Olshefski (@esthetically_danni on IG) used Yumi Lash + Brow products and le lift during the first step of the process, which is left on for 8 minutes. Be warned – the smell of this one is not great, and it was a little irritating to my skin, but for possibly great brows, it’s worth it.

Step 2

Next up is le fix, which Danielle explained is to “shape the eyebrows after they’ve been relaxed by the first solution.” Another 8 minutes and then onto the next and final step.

Step 3

The last step was using le serum, which is a nutritional serum that gives brows nourishing nutrients and soothes the hairs.

Results And Aftercare

brow lamination brow lamination

When Danielle handed me the mirror, I was absolutely shocked with the results. My brows were BIG. They were FLUFFY. I almost cried, but I was afraid of fucking up my brows, as you cannot get them wet or touch them for 24 hours after the lamination. Yes, I know tears do not flow upward, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Aftercare is pretty easy – it entails brushing your brows daily and using an oil at night (avocado or castor oil was recommended). The effects usually last 6-8 weeks and although prices can vary from $75-$120, my treatment was $80.

On the drive home, I was afraid I’d rear end someone due to me checking out my brows in the rearview mirror (I didn’t). To say I’m thrilled is an understatement – and this is with no products like brow pencil or tint added. 

If you are looking for a Hail Mary brow solution but aren’t ready to pull the trigger on microblading or tattooing, I highly recommend brow lamination. I’ve already booked my next appointment!


I am SO happy with the results of my brow lamination — tell us if you would try it in the comments!

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