Mom To Mom: Beat Boredom With These Amazon Summer Must-Haves

It’s finally summer again, and my family couldn’t be more excited! The beautiful weather and longer days bring out the best in us, and our time together becomes more frequent. Being a parent during the summertime can be easily the most exhausting season of the year, though. With kids being home more, their needs (and boredom) increase to a point of what feels like no end. 

I wish I could say there was an easy answer for this consistent issue, but there isn’t. There is, however, Amazon, and its ability to carry us all through tough times without any struggle on our end. There are hundreds of helpful products on Amazon to help with summertime at home, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favorites. Keep scrolling for a happy summer! 

1. Little Brian Paint Sticks 

Okay, I love these paint sticks! Why are they so cool? They’re the fun and simple way to paint. They dry in less than 30 seconds and work on paper, canvas, wood, and even windows! They’re water soluble for simple cleaning and will come off your glass and wood surfaces easily. They inspire creativity in even the most uninspired of kids, and with the mess free factor, they can work on their artwork while you get some work done, stress-free. 

little brian paint sticks


2. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

This creation has a bit of something for your kids and the environment.  Participate in increasing the butterfly population with this butterfly garden kit. The kit has everything you need to raise your own butterfly babies, including the caterpillars. Once you receive your kit in the mail, you’ll follow the instructions provided to raise these caterpillars into butterflies, and release them into the wild. It’s a neat way to kill some time this summer and learn a bit about nature.

butterfly farm


3. Melissa and Doug Mickey Responsibility Chart

Summer can run the show pretty quickly when it comes to daily habits and rituals in children. They thrive on structure and miss the layout of that from school when they’re going about their day. The Melissa and Doug Mickey responsibility chart is fantastic, because it gives them a sense of responsibility and structure during a time when they need it most. The chart comes with responsibility ideas printed on them along with blank ones for you to customize yourself. Based on your child’s abilities, you can divide them up and decide on a reward when they have completed the week. It will give you, as a parent, a little bit of help around the house, and it will give them daily tasks to focus on. 

Melissa and Doug Mickey Responsibility Chart

SHOP ON AMAZON – $21.49 

4. The Watermelon Ball

This is easily one of the coolest and most innovative pool toys I’ve ever come across. The ball is shaped like a watermelon and is designed to be filled up with liquid, so it sinks underwater and can be used for underwater passing and other fun games. It comes in one standard size as well as a smaller size for younger kids. Prepare for hours of fun in the pool with the Watermelon ball!

watermelon ball


5. Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers

Get that crazy summer energy out with these inflatable bumping vests! Think of them as a combination of a hamster ball and inflatable sumo suit to create some serious fun for the kids. All you need is some suitable outdoor space and you’re good to inflate and have fun!

bump n’ bounce body bumpers


6. Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

What isn’t fun about the sprinklers during summer?! This inflatable rainbow has you fill up the cloud’s base with water, making it near impossible for the wind to knock it down. It also comes with a few inflatable shapes to play with. With how hot the summertime can get, this makes for a great beach alternative.

inflatable rainbow sprinkler


7. Inflatable Bounce House Castle

When all else fails, bring in the bounce house. With how affordable they can be, it honestly makes sense to invest in a smaller bounce house for your family, especially to cure summer boredom. This way, you’re able to keep it clean and bring it out anytime it’s requested. Simply store the power generator and deflated bounce house and bring out anytime your kids need to burn off some energy. Think about investing in one that also houses a water slide or small pool, so it can be used to cool off on a hot day.

Inflatable Bounce House Castle

SHOP ON AMAZON – $279.99


These all look like so much fun! How are you keeping your kids occupied this summer? Share with us in the comments!

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