Mom To Mom: How To Create A Family Time Capsule

When it comes to creating a family time capsule, the experience can be completely unique to each family.  Depending on how large your family is and how many people you want to include, the capsule can range in size as well.

To avoid making the task of creating a painful chore, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to create the most well-rounded representation of your family. Here are some family time capsule ideas and tips!

How To Build A Family Time Capsule: Step-By-Step

Step 1: Choose Where You’ll Put Your Capsule

Time capsules can come in a few different forms, depending on your family’s item selections and personal preference. They can be buried traditionally in the ground or stored in a sealed container or box and hidden somewhere in the house. Keep in mind that burying the capsule will possibly cause damage from things like water, dirt, or pressure. If you choose to store the capsule anywhere outside, like a garage or shed, it may give access to bugs and rodents you don’t want to see. Wherever you store it, be sure it’s in a protected and air-tight container. 

Step 2: Choose Your Time Capsule

Depending on where you plan on putting your capsule, you’ll need to select a container that’s durable and weather resistant. Plastic and metal are the best choices for your container. The capsule should be air tight as well as water tight. You can purchase stainless steel options online, like this one:

There are also airtight jars available online for purchase that can store your family memories, like this one. Both options can store your family’s items, one is just more budget-friendly.

Step 3: Decide What To Put In The Capsule

This can be the tricky part, but bringing the entire family in on the brainstorming can be fun! Everyone will have their own opinions on what precious pieces should be included, so having a family meeting would be the best way for everyone to express their part, equally. A cool aspect to the time capsule is seeing what was important to your family at that time, so don’t be too restricting on what to include. 

Your child’s favorite movie, DVD, or scrunchies are fantastic ideas to include! What matters is what’s important to them. Another fun idea is to write down some facts about what’s going on at that time. The price of milk, who’s the most famous music artist, and other things like that will be interesting once you open it back up. Include your list of favorites, photos, small trinkets, etc. Whatever you add will surely be special and important to your family.

Step 4: Set A Time Frame

Decide when you plan on opening up the time capsule. It’s always fun to choose a future milestone, like a birthday or anniversary. There is no set time for how long you should wait to open, but try to wait at least ten years before opening to maintain its special factor.

The longer you wait, the more special that moment will be. When it comes to burying it, that, too, can be a special moment, so be sure that the family is present and taking an active role in sealing and hiding it. 


Have you made a time capsule before? What would you put in your family time capsule? Let us know in the comments below!

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