Here Are The Best Outdoor Games For This Summer

It’s that time again! The days are longer, the weather is hotter, and suddenly everyone wants to spend time outside — and we are not an exception. I love outdoor game nights. I love game nights. These summer nights are the ones I remember most vividly from my childhood and stand out to me still in my adulthood. 

But with thousands of different choices, it’s sometimes overwhelming to plan for a game night. So we have you covered on that end. So sit back, relax, and let us plan the perfect game night for you!


Lawn Games

I love the big backyard I had growing up, but I didn’t take as much advantage of it as I should have. There are so many wonderful games that are specifically tailored to a family night outside now.

outdoor games



I grew up playing croquet all the time. While I pretended the mallets were crutches and I had a broken leg, you can make family memories with this beautiful croquet set that doesn’t involve injuries. The set is also stunning, so we suggest you grab that up as soon as you can.

SHOP NOW – $43.99



Giant Jenga

Not every outdoor game needs to look like it belongs outdoors. This beautiful colorful Jenga set is the perfect centerpiece to your new Instagram post. I love playing Jenga and the bigger the pieces, the bigger the risk, and the bigger the fun!

SHOP NOW – $110

outdoor games

outdoor games


If you’re looking for some classic games to play outside, a game of horseshoes is always a go-to. This is a good game for two people — or can be played in teams! Turn it into a tournament for fun all night.

SHOP NOW – $39.49


Another classic game is bowling. While you can’t take the alley home with you, this cute Coca-Cola style bowling set is a wonderful addition to your game night.

SHOP NOW – $28.23

outdoor games

outdoor games

Pickle Ball

If your family is a little more active when it comes to games, look into this pickleball set that comes with a net. I love pickleball because it’s a little smaller than actual tennis, but you still get that same joy.

SHOP NOW – $209.99


Mini Golf Pong Cornhole

The last game is a twist on two classics. It’s a mini golf pong cornhole set! Golfing is so fun but very few of us have a golf course next to our houses and going to the driving range isn’t always easy. This golf pong set is so cute and easy to bring out for the grown-ups or the kids!

SHOP NOW – $129.99

outdoor games

Beach Games

Every time I go to the beach, people are having more fun than me and that’s not fair. While I am always a sucker for a steamy romance novel and a tan, there are some wonderful games that you can play on the beach.


One game everyone seems to have is spikeball. I swear every man who is 20 or older has played this on the beach. I love this game, but it is a workout. Get your warmup in and have at it.

SHOP NOW – $57.99


bocce ball

Bocce Ball

Another game that’s popular on the beach is bocce ball. This one is for those of us who might want to take a game night a little slower and not sweat it all out. But don’t let me fool you, it’s a tough game.

SHOP NOW – $109

Checkers/Tic Tac Toe Rug

I used to play tic tac toe in the sand on the beach, but we elevated that a bit for you. This giant rug gives you a chance to play the classic games of checkers or tic tac toe. This is super easy if you have younger children too who you want to entertain for a bit while you get your tan in.

SHOP NOW – $14.99

checkers rug

outdoor games

Customizable Cornhole

This customizable cornhole set will leave all your friends speechless. While cornhole can be a fun and casual game, this set makes it look like you should be drinking tea (or cocktails) while playing it.

SHOP NOW – $197.99

Pool Games

If you have a pool, you’d think that the pool itself is the game. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. While there are millions of little games you can find for the pool, we wanted to go back to the classics.

Avocado Pool Float

If games aren’t your style, check out this cute avocado pool float that you can jump on and have all your troubles float away. Never forget to get a few cute things for yourself while you’re looking for fun for your family.

SHOP NOW – $22.99

avocado pool float

pool beer pong

Pool Beer Pong

In this case, classics means college years. This  floating beer pong table is such a fun treat if you’re having an adult’s night or if your kids are grown up! It’s super fun to play and the cleanup isn’t too hard if you’re already in the pool.

SHOP NOW – $29.99

Pool Cornhole

Another floating twist on a classic are these inflatable cornhole pool floats. This is the perfect way to make one of your favorite games water-friendly, and is a great way for people of any age to have fun in the pool.

SHOP NOW – $49.99

outdoor games

Card and Board Games

A staple for any game night is card games. Card games are a good idea for nights when you don’t want to be outside the whole time or even if you just don’t want to be that active. You can play these games while sitting out on the porch, so you can still enjoy the weather. I see games like these as a staple for any family!

outdoor games

Exploding Kittens

One of the newer classic card games is Exploding Kittens. I love this game and everyone who has it loves it too. It’s like an updated version of Old Maid but with kittens and so many other elements. Definitely a new staple for your family game nights.

SHOP NOW – $18.49

Spot It!

My personal favorite card game is called Spot It! and I will beat you every time in this game. This game usually ends in fits of laughter and everyone screaming random things and I love the chaos that comes with it.

SHOP NOW – $9.99

outdoor games

outdoor games


Bananagrams is also a staple game in my household. It’s a little more on the nerdy scrabble-like games, but I love that kind of stuff. If you’re into wordy, competitive games, this is for you!

SHOP NOW – $14.99

Family Feud Platinum Edition

The last board game is a version on a popular TV show. Family Feud Platinum Edition is a wonderful addition to your game cabinet whether your family is younger or older. Have you ever been watching the show and thought that if you were on it, you’d win? Here’s your chance! I love this game even though I realize just how weird my family is each time we play it.

SHOP NOW – $11.19

family feud

Adult Card Games

Sometimes grownups need a game night too. While there are millions of choices for adult games, there are only a few that have become cult classics quickly.

outdoor games

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme is one of my personal favorite games. It merges pop culture and memes with hilarious captions. Think Cards  Against Humanity but with memes. Both of these games are wonderful opportunities to let loose a little and have some fun!

SHOP NOW – $29.99

Telestrations After Dark

Another wonderful game is Telestrations After Dark. It’s a lot like pictionary, but if pictionary got drunk in college and talked about its sex life. You’ll surely become skilled in drawing certain body parts!

SHOP NOW – $22.49



We love a good summer game night — who doesn’t? We have the perfect starter pack for you to have the best summer with your family, friends, and yourself! What game are you going to get first? Comment below!

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