Here’s How To Create A Jaw-Dropping Gaming Room The Whole Family Will Enjoy

After such a long time spent working from home, you might be in need of some separation from your work mode and your family mode. And honestly, your kids would probably appreciate an extra room to play in too. I know the best memories I have of my childhood were when I spread all my toys out in my playroom and created my own little world in it. The answer? A gaming room!

Have you ever thought of redoing a room in your house to give your family a game room? Maybe take that loft or that extra guest bedroom and change it into a magical memory maker room for you and your family! We have some awesome suggestions for what you can do to make this game room your family’s favorite!


Creating Game Room Vibes

What if you made the perfect game room for your family? Is your family full of Mario Kart winners? Do y’all love nothing more than snuggling up for some competitive family bonding? You can center your extra room around gaming and video games with some really easy adjustments!

Consider repaint the room so it’s super dark, but also accent the walls with peel and stick wallpaper. Adding in some neon strip lighting as well will really give you that 90’s movie theater vibe! You can even customize a neon sign to say your family’s name.

Transform the Closet

If you’re using a spare bedroom, let’s take your closet and Marie Kondo that baby. Take out any clothes and linens, and replace them with movies and games! Make it a hybrid video game/board game/movie closet — you’re one-stop to get all you need for your gaming room.

Seating and Decor

If we’re going for gamer vibes, we need to get the correct seating. Everyone I’ve ever met who games owns this chair, but if you’re planning on including the whole family on game nights, you could gather your family around on this huge 4-piece sectional. This is a wonderful option because you can constantly change the setup and adjust it based on your needs! This IKEA sofa is another great option. If you want to upgrade the regular bean bag chair, consider this chair that can fold out into a bed for your kids or grandkids to go from gaming to sleeping. 

After all the seats are set up, you’ll want to add in some blankets. This 90”x90” fleece blanket is wonderful to grab when you need to just cuddle up while you’re gaming.

If you want to set up a ton of games and devices under your TV, look into a TV stand that will look sleek and professional. I love this tapestry that can create a fun vibe for the room too. You can also upgrade the decor and include a poster like this or some music reactive Playstation icon lights. If your family is more into board games, these beautiful photo prints of the Monopoly board are wonderful too!


Now it’s time to set up your gaming device. This can be a little overwhelming, but also so fun. This projector is wonderful for transforming your game room into a movie room! This TV is amazing for anything and everything. It has 4k resolution, Quantum Dot Color, Dolby Vision HDR, and a bunch of other words that I don’t understand but know make a great TV. Another great option for a gaming TV is this one, which is super similar.


Now for the final touches, have fun! Look for little bits that can make your gaming room really fun and unique. If you want to add some non-video games accents, be our guest! This stunning Mid Century Air Hockey Table might actually be the prettiest thing I have ever laid eyes on and you can catch me adding this to my wish list. It’s a beautiful piece to add to a room that might get a little too techno. Similarly, this Mid Century Foosball Table is a far cry from the dilapidated ones I played on when I was growing up! Talk about upgrading your game nights! 

I also love adding in a few smaller games that you can play with your family. I played Shoot the Moon at my grandmom’s beach house my entire childhood and it really humbled me. Dominoes was also a beach house classic, but if you can learn the rules of Mexican Train Dominoes your family will be set with game nights for life.   

You can customize this room however you want, but in the end, it’s a perfect place for your family to start making memories!


What are you going to do with that extra room in your house? Comment below!

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