Easily Spruce Up Your Home With These Genius TikTok Home Decor Ideas

I love home decor, but I love watching other people decorate and remodel their homes even more. HGTV is one of my favorite channels, so it’s no surprise that I have found myself on the home decor and DIY side of TikTok. Here are a few DIY and decor trends I’ve seen lately on the app!


Sunset Lamp


These sunset lamps took over TikTok lately. Their circular sunny glow illuminates your room, much like a sunset would. These lamps could also be a great nighttime light that won’t interrupt your serotonin since they glow orange/red. There are many retailers on TikTok that sell them or you can get one here on Amazon.

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Vanilla Latte Scent Hack

tiktok decor

When it comes to smells, I’m always interested in unique ways to make my house smell amazing. This TikToker uses coffee beans and vanilla tea lights to make her house smell like a vanilla latte. Amazon has some fancy glasses that would be perfect for this hack. What’s classier than having giant wine glasses full of coffee beans and tea lights in your home?

SHOP NOW – $29.99

Hardcover Book Decor

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This TikToker uses hardcover books from her local dollar store to create an airy and minimal decor for her shelf. All she does is buy a few hardcover books, which can also easily be found at a thrift store, and takes their dust jackets off to make them look sleeker. This one can also easily be done with books you already have! Amazon also offers hardcover books in different colors for your home decor needs!



Wall Baskets

tiktok decor

To create helpful basket wall shelves, this TikToker uses a few woven baskets and tips them on their sides. Using a nail through the bottom of the basket, these baskets become easy and useful wall shelves. In your bathroom, you could store TP, hair and skin products and so much more!

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Colorful Picture Frames

tiktok decor

Forget about plain black picture frames, TikTokers have found a super easy way to add a pop of color to a space. Whether you’re hanging a photo, poster, or art print, you can spray paint your frame to match a color within the piece to make your walls pop even more. All you need is some frames and spray paint.

SHOP NOW – $24.99


What other TikTok home decor trends have you seen lately? Let us know below!

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