Display Your Mug Collection With These Unbelievably Cute DIY Projects

Hello fellow coffee and tea drinkers! Are you looking for a way to show off your mug collection? My collection is ever-growing and I think it’s about time I show my mugs off to the world! Here are some awesome and aesthetically pleasing ways to display your mugs while keeping them accessible and usable!


Wall Hung Mugs

There are so many ways to hang mugs on your walls using wood planks, pipes, wallboards, hooks, and more. Follow this DIY to create an industrial pipe mug hanger, create your own, or buy a premade one online!

Bookshelf Mug Display

While you can buy a bookshelf made to hold mugs, you can also decorate the one you already have with your mugs. In between stacks of books and plants, a mug or two will bring in some color and will save you cupboard space. You can also make your own mug shelf following this DIY I found on Pinterest for your kitchen with some wood and tools.

Saving Cupboard Space

Don’t have the cupboard space for your favorite mugs? You can buy hooks that slip onto your shelf or that you can screw into the bottom so you can use that extra space. You could also use an on-the-counter mug tree to display your mugs!


How do you display your mug collection? Let us know in the comments!

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