NOIRANCA’s Vegan Leather Handbags Are Stunning AND Sustainable

Ladies, there’s a new vegan leather handbag brand in town that we can’t get enough of. The name? NOIRANCA. The game? Sustainable, vegan, low-impact, artisanally chic handbags that look as good on you as they do on the planet.

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NOIRANCA’s values of uniqueness, sustainability, empowerment, traceability, transparency, and positive consumption are front and center across, literally, every aspect of their brand. Even their name showcases the brand’s values — “A delicate portmanteau of “Noir” (black) and “Bianca” (white), NOIRANCA embodies the beauty of contrast and is a reminder of the untold complexity of multifaceted beauty.”

Need more proof? Or do you just want to escape into an ethereal dreamland for a moment? Take a look at NOIRANCA’s Estranged Liberation campaign:

“I am estranged in a dreamscape…waiting to be liberated, feeling the earth beneath my feet.” 

NOIRANCA was kind enough to send us a handbag to review (we chose the Grace bag in Olive Green) — keep scrolling for our thoughts!

NOIRANCA’s Craftsmanship

NOIRANCA’s vegan leather handbags are hand-crafted by the 30 artisans of a family atelier, who combine the brand’s supple vegan leather with avant-garde shapes. The result? Gorgeous, unique handbags that are 40% more durable than traditional leather while maintaining the same texture and quality of traditional leather.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, vegan leather isn’t always eco-friendly; sometimes it has a worse impact on the planet than traditional leather. Not so with NOIRANCA’s vegan leather! “Unlike animal leather and traditional synthetic leather, NOIRANCA’s signature vegan leather is the lightest, thus lowering carbon emission during shipping; it also creates the lowest level of toxic pollution during production, and is over 40% and 300% more durable, respectively.”

Their website goes on to state that their commitment to being eco-friendly “does not end here. We are also uncovering different sustainability measures behind the scenes, from packaging to printing, to further offset our ecological footprint. Inspired by women who dare to be different, we believe every person and brand must dare to dream and stay out of bounds for what they believe is right. We firmly believe that with the right sustainability approach, fashion can be a force for good, even if it goes against the industry grain. It is our commitment to the earth; it is our culture.”

Monet NOIRANCA Handbag Review

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NOIRANCA sent me their Grace bag in Olive Green and from the moment I unboxed it, I was in love. They include a dustbag (take care of your luxury handbags, people!) and the shoulder strap of the bag, which is removable, came in its own separate dustbag. 

While I can’t quite say the bag feels buttery, as leather is oft described, I can say that it feels…luxuriously durable. I was also impressed by all the detail on this bag. The ruched leather that peeps out through a triangular cutout on both sides adds just enough visual interest for the bag to be eye-catching without being too over-the-top. The minimalist gold loops on the interior of the bag (that the shoulder strap hooks onto) stay out of sight, if you decide to forego the shoulder strap, and I’m obsessed with the almost teardrop shape of the Grace’s handles. 

grace noiranca handbag

The shoulder strap is long enough to wear it crossbody, which is always a bonus with a purse — sometimes we have our hands full! And not having it slide off your shoulder may seem like a small thing, but readjusting your bag when you’re carrying other bags can get annoying. 

The true charm of the Grace handbag (aside from the shape) lies in the near-invisible details, IMO. Take, for example, the aesthetic they use to make it expandable (pictured below):

noiranca handbag

I’m obsessed with the (magnetic) snap design that lets the handbag fit whatever I may need for the day. Fully snapped, the bag could comfortably hold my wallet, keys, Kindle, sunglasses, and any other small odds and ends (headphones, lipstick) I might want to include. Unsnapped, I can add a water bottle, thicker book, and some sunscreen to the equation.

And the other near-invisible detail I can’t get enough of are the four tiny legs that keep my bag from coming in contact with whatever surface I deem worthy enough to set it on. Yes, this bag is elevated, physically and metaphorically — and you know what? I feel elevated when I tote in and out of shops, bars, and restaurants. It’s the kind of bag that’s unassuming enough that you may not notice it at first glance, but once it has your attention, you’ll be hard-pressed to let it go.


What do you think of NOIRANCA handbags? What’s your favorite vegan leather brand? Share your favorite sustainable fashion finds in the comments below! 

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