Lizzo Unveils YITTY: Sexy Shapewear Made For All Bodies

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When Lizzo says “It’s bad bitch o’clock” you better listen up. 

And we were all ears when the singer announced her new line of shapewear, YITTY, through a partnership with Fabletics. 

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It’s shapewear, reinvented by Lizzo. She wrote, “We’re about you, loving you, IN REAL TIME” in a video posted to the line’s official TikTok account. 

@yitty You heard it here first, baby. Welcome to #YITTY. #Shapewear reinvented, by @lizzo ♬ original sound – YITTY

The bombshell showed off her love for the new line with a YITTY temporary tattoo in a cheeky place, if you catch our drift. 


Lizzo tells CNBC why she wanted to design shapewear, saying she “wanted to disrupt the category following her experiences as a young girl wearing body girdles and other skin-tight suits to contort her shape.”

Lizzo’s line debuts on April 12 and its name is inspired by her childhood nickname Yitty —  her actual name is Melissa. 

YITTY will be available online and in Fabletics stores with three collections: “Nearly Naked, a selection of everyday shapewear; Mesh Me, which is designed to wear as underwear or outerwear; and Major Label, which includes pieces that are more fashion-forward but also super soft,” says Lizzo.

Sizes will range from XS to 6X and priced from $14.95 to $69.95.

“More than a product, this is about the mentality of having liberation,” the singer said. “The way that we feel about ourselves and the way that we dress ourselves, every day, it doesn’t have to be painful, and it doesn’t have to be shameful. It can be fun, exciting, and sexy.”

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“I want anyone who hears about Yitty — who’s a fan of me — to know that this is not an invitation to change something about yourself in a negative way,” Lizzo added. “This is come as you are. And if something doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t wear it. Don’t do it.”


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