Meet Pillow Slides, AKA My New Favorite House Shoe

I have a new favorite house shoe, y’all (and beach shoe, and walking to grab some coffee shoe, and running errands shoe), and it might be the most accurately named product I’ve ever come across. 

I’m talking about Pillow Slides, of course.

Actually, on second thought, I may revoke my statement about them having the perfect name. Cloud Slides might be more accurate, because that’s what wearing these shoes feels like – walking on clouds. 

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I was sent a pair of Pillow Slides to try, and I can confirm, they absolutely live up to the hype! Here’s the lowdown on your new favorite slides.

What’s the deal with Pillow Slides? 

Pillow Slides boast the following features (and I can confirm, they all hold up):

  • Anti Slip

  • Machine washable

  • Perfect in any condition

  • Waterproof

  • Relieves foot & joint pain

  • Helps with bunions & Plantar fasciitis 

You can wear these bad boys on the beach, in the rain, in the mud, around the house when you’re mopping, in the backyard when you’re gardening, on a walk to the mailbox, on a walk to get coffee, in a creek, at the campsite, to the grocery store…need I say more? Plus, the biggest perk, in my book, is that I can take walks with them without getting any blisters and without my feet hurting after. They’re versatile (I mean, machine washable?! What more could you ask for?) and seriously, I can’t emphasize enough, so comfortable.

My Pillow Slides Review

pillowslides review

When I unboxed my Pillow Slides, the first thing that struck me was the weight. Or, rather, the lack thereof. Pillow Slides are so incredibly lightweight that I’ve actually forgotten I’m wearing them. The second thing I noticed was the thick, cushioned sole. While the slides don’t necessarily offer much in the way of arch support, they mold to your foot as you walk, so it’s like walking barefoot, except a bit more supportive.

I have to mention a couple technical things to know before you order your first pair. First, I found my pair of Pillow Slides to run a bit large, which they say is intentional, so you can wear them with or without socks. If you typically run in between sizes, order a size down. If your feet typically run wide, Pillow Slides will fit without a problem. 

I also can’t speak to durability – I haven’t had mine for very long, and I haven’t run them through the washer yet. They’re made of EVA, a rubber-like material that’s slightly less durable than rubber when used for shoe soles, but that gives the shoes their non-slip grip and crazy comfort. A good shoe is worth the big bucks, IMO, and I’d be shocked if these didn’t last through, at least, a couple years of moderate use.

Still don’t believe me? Then check out other reviews on the site, nearly all of which boast the shoes’ comfort. This one from Marlys M. is my personal favorite:

“I’m a 56 year old woman with a deteriorating spine, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, crystallized joints, etc. It’s been a difficult journey to find slippers that will give me a pain free trip to the market or anywhere where walking and standing for any length of time that would not throw me into severe pain until now. Pillow Slides has given me back a portion of my life. I can go for a walk with my dogs, go to the market, or to the playground with my grandchildren. These Pillow Slide slippers are everything that the company says they are and so much more. I purchased my sister a pair and now I am purchasing my daughter a pair. My daughter suffers from sciatica pain. Pillow Slides will give her relief so she can keep up with her children. Her comfort alone is amazing. The colors are beautiful. P.S. look cute with everything you’d like to pair them with. The anti-slip is wonderful and the truly amazing thing is when you wear them all day, they don’t attract dirt to the bottom of your feet. Your feet are as clean as they were when you put them on 12 hours earlier. If you’re on the fence about pitching, just jump. You won’t be sorry. I’m definitely not sorry. I’ve finally found the most comfortable, cute slippers on the market. I’m buying multiples in every color.”

If you’re sold, head on over to Pillow Slides and grab yourself a pair, and use our discount code Monet at checkout for 15% off!

Pillow Slides

pillowslides review



Will you get a pair of Pillow Slides based on our review? Tell us in the comments!

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