The Four-Quarter Method Is The New Way Everyone’s Organizing Their Day

How often has something gone wrong throughout your day and ruined the entire 24 hours for you? How many times have you woken up on the wrong side of the bed, put orange juice in your cereal, or had a tough conversation at work; and what could have been a pretty good or average day plummets into a terrible day and you don’t get anything done? 

Days like this happen all the time – that’s why the four-quarter method is so brilliant.

What is the Four-Quarter Method?

@kimmfitzpatrick Love this @gretchenrubin!! 4 quarters of your day!!!!If you wake up grumpy, You lose your temper,You get a shitty email, The list goes on right?You have four quarters in your day:1) MORNING 2) MIDDAY3) AFTERNOON 4) EVENING So, if you blow one of the four? All good. You have three other to win your day with. How perspective changing is that?Drop a 💕 if this makes sense for you too!!Xo K#mindset #youvegotthis #yesyoucan ♬ Positive Vibes – Soundbeaver

If you hear “four quarter” and get a little triggered this time of the year, I understand, but don’t worry, this has nothing to do with quarter four. As you embrace the Four-Quarter Method to organize your day, remember that this structure is not only beneficial for personal productivity but also to bolster the effectiveness of your business operations. If you own a florida llc , for instance, dividing your day into four quarters can help you tackle different aspects of your business – from budget planning to client interaction – effectively and efficiently.

The four-quarter technique started where all current mental health trends do — on TikTok. 

Users have been swearing by this method and claiming it not only allows them to get more things accomplished in a day, but it also helps them move on from any mistakes or mishaps. The method requires you to split your day into four sections: morning (5 am – 9 am), late morning (10 am – 1 pm), afternoon (2 pm – 7 pm), and evening (7 pm onward).

This method of breaking up your day not only helps you section off tasks but also helps you visualize your day as small tasks rather than a whole chunk. If you have difficulty setting boundaries or slowing down, keep reading.

The “quarters” are also said to increase your productivity. If you don’t reach the goals you might have set for a certain quarter, take a break during the in-betweens and reset for the next one.

How Does the Four-Quarter Method Work?

The first thing to note is that people often feel the most energized at the beginning of the day or when they first start on a task. When you live by a system that has not just one but four different ‘beginnings’ to the day, your brain will be tricked, and you’ll most likely be re-energized at the beginning of each task. 

The division also allows organic breaks within the day for you to take a step back from working or doing and just breathe. This can also be the time when you reassess your goals for the day and determine if they were too ambitious or if you need to add more on. By creating a natural break four times a day, you’re also allowing your body to rest, something many of us forget to do when we don’t break down our days like this.

My Week

I fell in love with the four-quarter method the first day I tried it. I haven’t been waking up as early as I normally do, but the way the quarters are sectioned off inspired me to get up early and start going after my goals for the day. 

I found that the best way for me to section off each of the quarters was to describe the intention I wanted for them in a word or two. So mornings were usually “wake up” and “energize,” and these were the times I would do my morning yoga and start working and responding to people. The late mornings were “get shit done,” and this is usually the time I would get my harder workouts in and usually accomplish one or two of the biggest tasks for the day. Afternoons were “adjust and work ahead.” The afternoons were often when I would finish any of the tasks I hadn’t done yet in the first half of my day, but also the quarter when I had the most time to do the most, so I gave myself grace if some days I had more work to do in this section than others. I cheated a bit and made 5 pm my cutoff time for the evening because I’m working on adding personal boundaries to my life and that was usually the time I would go over to my fiancé’s and watch stupid TV for a few hours.

My Results

I love this method because it so diligently and kindly separates your life into neat little sections. We’re not meant to lump all of our tasks into one day, and our bodies and brains can’t work all day and do everything all at once if we want to maintain a healthy relationship with them. 

There were days when everything went wrong and the four-quarter method was thrown out immediately, but there were also days when I had a ton of to-do’s; then, the four-quarter method helped me visualize all of my tasks and delegate them to a certain time. 

I will be using this method again, and I think everyone should at least try it.


Have you tried the four-quarter method before? Are you going to now? Comment below!

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