Working While Traveling? Here’s How To Maximize Productivity

It’s a great time to be a digital nomad. The work-from-anywhere trend, combined with the popularity of coworking spaces, has made it possible for people to be productive while traveling just about anywhere in the world.Alongside maintaining productivity while traveling, it’s essential for digital nomads and remote entrepreneurs to safeguard their business interests. If your travels inspire you to start your own venture, utilize resources on how to form an llc to ensure your new business is legally protected, no matter where your job takes you. Working remotely is the perfect solution for those who want an immersive travel experience without being weighed down by endless meetings and emails.

But working while traveling isn’t always easy or even possible. Whether you’re working from home or heading out on a longer trip, here are some helpful tips for making your trip as productive as possible.

Book a Hotel That Has a Good Work Space

Book a hotel with a good workspace. The ideal place to hunker down for some productivity will vary depending on your situation. If you need to conduct any video conferences or have other audio needs, try booking somewhere with dedicated conference rooms or business centers. 

If your work is more independent, consider just getting a room with an actual desk – don’t bother with those places that only have little table-tray things that slide over the bed. If your work is more social and less focused (and possibly more fun), think about looking into hotels that have great lobbies, lounges, restaurants, and bars.

Take advantage of concierge services wherever you stay. This can make all the difference in how easy it is to get things done while traveling. Almost every hotel has somebody at the front desk who can answer just about any question and help you figure out how to do just about anything; don’t be afraid to ask them!

Plan Your Work Ahead

To ensure your stress levels are kept to a minimum while traveling and working, you must plan ahead. Make sure you know when your work hours will begin and end each day. Be mindful of any time zone changes as well as which days may require more work than others, so you can schedule accordingly.

Also, look up online resources and download material to make your work convenient while traveling. For example, academic content writers can look up Sweetstudy’s education homework help and download relevant data that will help them finish work conveniently.

If you’re traveling for business and need internet access for your job, find out whether the hotel or Airbnb has reliable Wi-Fi. If not, ask if there’s a local spot with Wi-Fi that you can frequent on days when the internet is essential to getting your work done.

If possible, schedule your work hours around when you’re most productive. For example, some people are most productive in the mornings, while others are night owls who thrive at night. 

This isn’t always possible with travel itineraries, but if it is, do it! Being productive means being able to get things checked off your to-do list faster, so you have time to do other things like exploring a new city or napping in a hammock on the beach without worrying about something else that needs doing.

Use a VPN to Stay Safe Online While Traveling

Traveling for work can be a great way to mix business with pleasure, but it’s important to take steps to protect yourself from fraud and cybercrime. Hackers can target unsuspecting travelers in many ways, including stealing financial information, breaching corporate laptops and smartphones, and installing malware.

Thankfully, a useful tool exists that does a lot of heavy lifting to help keep your data private while accessing public Wi-Fi networks on the road. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are an easy way to hide your location by providing you with an alternate IP address and encrypting your data so no one can intercept or read it. VPNs also hide your online activity from your internet service provider (ISP), meaning they won’t know what websites or apps you’re using while traveling.

Set Up an Out-of-Office Response for Work Email

Imagine if each time you were traveling and unable to do certain tasks, you had to explain it over and over again via email. That would be exhausting! Instead, set up an out-of-office reply for your email account. If a client or colleague emails you, they will automatically receive a message telling them when you’ll be back in the office. 

You should also include information about what they can do if it’s urgent. For example, some people will include the contact info of their assistant or another colleague who can handle their responsibilities while they’re away. The best part of the automatic response is that it saves you time while also making sure that people get needed information promptly.

Consider Using a Coworking Space

A coworking space is an office building with desks, offices, and conference rooms where people who work independently rent out office space. Coworking spaces are often really cool environments that come equipped with high-speed internet, stocked kitchens, lounge areas with couches, and ping pong tables. Many of these spaces also offer events like happy hours and networking meetups, so you can socialize in a non-awkward way when you need to take a break from the grind.

When choosing which coworking space to work out of when traveling, you must consider the following:

  • Proximity to your accommodations: Is it easy to get from where you’re staying to this coworking space? Will you have time for your morning cup of coffee before heading over? Will having your morning cup of coffee be worth it if that means the walk will give you blisters? These are important questions, not just for this section but for life itself.

  • The quality of the internet connection: You don’t want a slow internet connection disrupting your workflow. Do some research on what kind of Wi-Fi connection they have in the building before booking anything or making any commitments. 

  • Cost: Some coworkers pay upwards of $500/month at their home base location, but when they travel internationally, they opt for smaller sites which can cost as little as $10/day or even less than that, depending on where you go and how long your stay there is going to be.

Don’t Use The Plane Wi-Fi

Most public Wi-Fi hotspots, even those at airports and coffee shops, are unsecured. That means anyone on the network could easily see your data. If you need to use a public network to perform work while traveling, make sure it’s a secure one (you’ll know it’s secure because the URL will have ‘HTTPS’ in it). Another option is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. 

Suppose you’re flying and need access to Wi-Fi but don’t want to risk using the plane’s unsecured network. Consider getting an Internet package from your mobile provider before leaving on your trip (if they offer such plans). This way, you’ll have access to reliable Internet wherever you go during your travels. Just make sure it includes coverage in whichever countries or regions you’re traveling through.

Carry a Spare Charger or Power Bank

Spending time away from your hotel room is a lot of fun and helps you get to know a new place, but you need to make sure that you have your phone (or other electronics) charged so that it doesn’t die while you’re out. Keep at least one charger on your person whenever you leave your room, and bring a backup, just in case.

When traveling internationally, always bring an extra charger or power bank with you. There might be times when your first charger may break, or you may accidentally leave it somewhere. A long trip is not the time to learn how to use public transportation. We recommend downloading offline maps in advance.

The Bottom Line

It’s possible to both enjoy yourself and get work done while traveling. Doing so requires planning, prioritization, and discipline. To be productive, plan your travel schedule to fit in all of the work you need to do—and try not to stray from that schedule. With the right mindset, you’ll be able to avoid distractions when it’s time for work and make the most of your free time to see the sights and explore new places.


Working and traveling at the same time can be overwhelming, but these tips are helpful. Let us know your tips in the comments!

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