Lady Gaga Restarts Haus Labs As A ‘Colorful And Clean’ Beauty Brand

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You may not have been aware that Lady Gaga has a makeup brand – I had no idea!

The multi-talented triple threat celeb debuted Haus Laboratories in 2019. The brand was built to be accessible to all, focusing on affordable makeup and skin products and sold only on Amazon.

While I consider myself in-the-know about pop culture and beauty brands, I’m not the only one that was in the dark with Lady Gaga’s brand, now rebranded as Haus Labs by Lady Gaga.

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According to The Business of Fashion, “Despite the high-profile launch, little was heard about the brand over the last two years. There were whispers that Haus Labs was a flop. A new executive team was brought in last year to focus on packaging, product innovation and more.”

But worry not, Little Monsters and clean beauty lovers, on June 9, Haus Labs is relaunching at Sephora. And if we know anything about Lady Gaga, we know she’s daringly bold, so expect her makeup to follow suit with eye-popping colors. 

Lady Gaga’s Vision For Haus Labs

“My vision for Haus Labs centers around the future of clean makeup, supercharged products with innovative formulations and novel ingredients. At Haus Labs, we believe that artistry is for everyone and that no one should have to damage their skin or sacrifice their principles and values to be self-expressive. We create makeup for everyone — you don’t have to be an artist to wear our products, but we’re here to help you reveal the inner you,” Lady Gaga says about the relaunch.

“The rebrand includes the essential products for a flawless makeup base with the new ‘COLORFUL and CLEAN’ selection for eyes, cheeks and lip,” according to Lady Gaga Now. “More than 90 products/shades will be revealed in June with brand new packaging.”

On the brand’s Instagram, Gaga has previewed some of her favorite products, which include:

“The Haus Labs Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer, our PhD Hybrid Lip Oil, and our Optic Intensity Eco Eyeliner,” she said. “Like all our products, they are Haus tech powered with skin-loving ingredients.” 

The bronzer will be available in 12 shades, while the lip oil adjusts color based on users’ own pH levels. There will be a rollout of new items after the June 9 relaunch, with a total of 155 products expected to be available by fall.

You can get a sneak peek at the brand here and purchase on June 9 at Sephora and Haus Labs by Lady Gaga.


We’ll be heading to Sephora to check out Lady Gaga’s line, will you? Tell us in the comments!

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