2022’s Cutest Summer Nails Trends Are Anything But Boring

If you’re anything like me, your style changes with the season. And I’m not just talking about switching from sweaters to a breezy two-piece – I’m talking about the whole style gamut, from head to toe, accessories included. One of my favorite things to change with the seasons, though, is my nails, and 2022’s summer nail trends have nail gurus everywhere boasting major heart eyes.

If you’re ready to tackle the season head-on by sporting a stunning set of manicured nails, here are the season’s top trends, along with some inspo to take with you to the salon (or to tackle during your next DIY manicure sesh)! Happy manicuring!

Checkered Summer Nails

Checkered nails are a great option if you’re looking for cute summer nails that are also a bit over-the-top. Looks like the above are guaranteed to get you compliments every time you hand the cashier your credit card (and let’s face it, we all love getting nail compliments from across the counter!)

Summer Ombre Nails

Summer ombre nails are a subtle way to strut your stuff. These nails might not scream “Look at me!” initially, but after a double take, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep your eyes off them!

Summer Neon Nails

When it comes to summer neon nails, the possibilities are endless. You could keep it spicy by adding an accent nail to your set, or you could go all out and add in a fun pattern.

70’s Swirl Nails

The styles of the 70’s have been experiencing a major comeback, and nails are no exception. Try some swirly 70’s nails this summer to tap into your groovy side!

Rainbow French Tips

You’ve probably seen the rainbow French style all over your social feeds, and it’s hot for a reason – this updated take on a classic style lends itself to be a timeless, interesting look. It’s one we can’t get enough of!


We love these daring looks for summer nails! Tell us if you’ll try any of these styles in the comments! 

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