Press On Nails Have Come A Long Way Since The ’90’s! You’ll Love These 10 Brands

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Things can get crazy around the holidays — all the shopping, the many to-do lists, not to mention the festivities!

Maybe you won’t have time to get your nails done or (GASP) your favorite nail artist is booked solid until the New Year, because everyone else wants their nails party-ready. 

Don’t worry! There are amazing options for DIY manicures because a favorite ‘90s trend has come roaring back — the press-on nails. 

We’re not talking about the limited options we had back then, which consisted mainly of short, square, French, or lean pickings when it comes to color. 

“Press-ons are quick, easy, and hassle-free,” says New York City-based nail artist Gracie J. “If going to the salon is not for you, these are definitely a great option.” Not only are these faux nails nearly identical to expensive gel manicures at the salon, but they also come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to experiment with. 

“Plus, it’s worth mentioning that the glue quality has gotten better, too, which means today’s fake nails last much longer than the press-on nails of yesteryear.”

You can pamper your hands at home with these press-on nails and no one will know you didn’t hit the salon — your secret is safe with us. 

So go forth into holiday festivities and confidently press on with these impressive press-ons!


Olive & June

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Olive & June’s The Press-On System is everything you need in one kit, arriving with a 42-count set of press-ons and the tools you need for application and removal — nail clipper, buffer, file, cuticle pusher, nail strengthener, cuticle serum, and removal kit. 

You pick your desired nail shape (short, round, almond, long) and choose a color/style.

SHOP – $54

The Nail Shop by SB

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Founded in 2017 by nail artist Sarai Garcia, The Nail Shop by SB has some of the trendiest manicure styles on the market. Each set comes with 10 press-ons, and if you don’t know your size, you can DM Garcia on Instagram to get a free sizing kit for free. Garcia will also custom-design a set for you!

SHOP – $20

Marmalade Nails

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For bold, unique styles, Marmalade Nails is for you. They come in a variety of colors and four shapes: stiletto, coffin, square, and round. Each pack has 24 nails in 12 sizes, a mini file, a mini manicure stick, and a removal tool. They offer holographic and duo-chrome nail sets, along with neutrals, so you can mix and match. And with every Marmalade Nails purchase, a portion is donated to PetSmart Charities.

SHOP – $15

Clutch Nails

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Alexandra Tonks launched Clutch Nails in 2017 with press-on nails in four lengths and has instant manicure sets in chrome, glitter, glossy, and matte finishes. Each pack comes with two dozen nails, a nail file, and glue. Clutch Nails recently launched a line with Target so you can pick up a set there!

SHOP – $9.99


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Glamnetic Nails have generated a lot of buzz with their press-ons that come in a variety of fun and trendy patterns, shapes, and sizes. Each set of Glamnetic’s press-ons comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, plus a cuticle stick, nail file, glue, and an alcohol pad for pre-application prep. Available at Ulta.

SHOP – $15


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More of an old school classic manicure lover? Check out PaintLab’s French Tip Press-On Gel Nail Set — a modern take on the look with cool-toned mint tips. These press-ons are made with gel polish, which gives them a glossy, chip-free finish that lasts for up to two weeks. Each set comes with 24 press-on nails, nail file and buffer, wooden cuticle stick, nail glue, and adhesive tabs for easy application.

SHOP – $14

Nails of LA

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Nails of LA is a crowd favorite that has both press-on extensions and nail stickers designed with modern aesthetics and clean lines, which is why the brand won Allure’s 2021 Best of Beauty. They don’t require a lot of filing down since they’re on the shorter side, but each set comes with a file/buffer duo, as well as 24 nails, a cuticle stick, adhesive tabs, and nail glue.

SHOP – $16

Crowned and Polished

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Crowned and Polished offers two collections of press ons — the Essentials Collection, which features 14 simple, single-colored sets, and the Luxury Collection, with more unique, custom hand-painted options. Both collections, the nails are available in four different lengths and shapes. Each set includes 10 nails and a mini nail kit that contains glue, a file, a buffer, an alcohol prep pad, and adhesive tabs.

SHOP – $30

Stay Sticki

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Stay Sticki’s nail wraps have serious staying power — mine stayed for over a week with no peeling! Their clean formula stays shiny when you apply a top coat, and the included tools and instructions make it crazy easy to get a flawless at-home manicure.

SHOP – $15

False Digits

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You already know we love False Digits! This nail company really does have it all, from ready-to-ship sets to made-to-order sets and even custom sets. The designs are stunning (especially their holiday designs!) and they have serious staying power and are thick enough to not chip — meaning you can use them over and over!

SHOP – Prices Vary


What are your favorite press on nails? Did we miss any? Leave a comment below!

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