I Tried False Digits’ Luxury Press-On Nails, And Here’s My Verdict

Ok y’all, I am LIGHT YEARS behind on this whole glue-on nail thing. I know, I know — have I been hiding under a rock? Well, kind of. The rock is called the food service industry, and under that rock you are not allowed to wear fake nails (or nail polish or anything…I had gremlin hands for years). 

But, obviously, I am under the food service industry rock no longer! Instead, I sit on the floor at my floor desk all day and type away. And I see my hands constantly, and if my nails aren’t pretty, I just cringe. But I don’t have the time (nor the budget) for bi-weekly salon visits…so what’s a girl to do?

Fake nails. That’s what a girl does.


False Digits Overview

I started my fake nail journey facing a wall of Kiss and imPRESS nails at Target. I bought way more than I needed because I was excited, and they were all under $10 — um, yes please? But my nail euphoria quickly became nail dismay when they never lasted as long as I wanted — they were all pretty flimsy and broke or came off constantly.

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I decided to try False Digits after my roommate got some to wear while she modeled rings for her Etsy shop. Each pair of nails runs at least $20, BUT they’re reusable (False Digits sells an electric filer you use to get the glue off between applications) and unique.

Sure, you can get your basic black (which I’m wearing right now in a matte finish) or even a pop of lemon yellow, but they also do character series (like Betty Boop and The Little Mermaid) and celeb series, which are based off of the designs of famous nail techs, and all of which I’m obsessed with.

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Here’s how it works: False Digits sends you a sizing kit in the mail (for just $3.50!) in whichever shape you like. The sizing kit makes it easy to measure your nails, and then you can order whichever design you like in whichever shape you like, and give them your sizing info. This is something I really appreciate about custom nail companies like this — my nails are fairly small (my thumb is a size 2) so I can never use all the nails in those 10 dollar drugstore packs, which is annoying.

My Reviewbest fake nails

Overall I really like my False Digits nails. The packaging is super cute — they even sent me a sweet handwritten note and purple scrunchie with my order. The KDS glue they send you (if you ask for it) works pretty well — it isn’t the strongest glue out there, but it also didn’t damage my nails as much as some other glues. As far as staying power, these tend to last about a week as long as I glue them on well.

As far as the colors go, CUTE! I got the matte finish on my Sprinkles set and I’m obsessed — they’re so colorful and perfect for the end of summer, and I got endless compliments on them. I had zero breaking/chipping issues (which I ALWAYS have with drugstore nails) and they definitely felt just like an extension of my natural nail. 

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I do have a couple complaints, but they’re minor issues to me. The black nails I’m wearing now are slightly see-through — I can definitely see where my natural nail ends if I hold my hands up to the sunlight. I also filed them down a bit (I get the coffin shape and they come just long enough to make typing a hassle), and what results is some white spots on the tips of my nails. They aren’t super visible, though — just a minor inconvenience.

Overall, I really like these nails! The simpler designs definitely fit in my budget, and they’re reusable (here’s hoping the e-file I ordered really does the trick!). Will definitely keep this company in my nail rotation!


Have you tried False Digits? Which are the best fake nails out there? Let us know below!

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