9 Family Camping Gear Essentials You Need This Summer

As that cute kid from the Pixar movie “Up” once said, “Adventure is out there!” It’s time we got more in tune with the world around us, and there’s no better way to do that than to take the family on a camping trip

There was a noticeable spike in families renting or buying RVs for camping trips during the pandemic summer of 2020, and it really hasn’t slowed down much. With COVID still around, many families don’t feel safe or quite ready to frequent hotels or be around large crowds of people, so camping is a great alternative to get out and about. 

Depending on how “outdoorsy” you and your family are, camping can look a variety of ways. There’s the traditional pitch of a tent and sleeping on the ground method, all the way to a small step down from our civilized life known as “glamping.”  My style is a bit in between, where we would rent an RV and buy food to stock up for our trip. We did hike and fish and do all of the other camp-like things, just minus the tent and ground sleeping. These were some of my fondest memories growing up, and I hope to one day soon take my kids on similar camping trips I had with my family.  

There is always a good list of things to bring with you before heading out into Mother Nature to camp as well as some items that aren’t necessary but helpful. Camping culture is only becoming more popular, and there are multiple products available to enhance your nature bonding experience to a more comfortable level. I’ve listed a few below to help inspire!

REVEL Gear Camping Light

REVEL GEAR Trail Hound 30 ft. Camping Light

Provides energy-efficient lighting for your outdoor needs at night. These lights are dimmable as well. 

SHOP AT REI – $24.95

Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag

Do your laundry anywhere with this small compact “washing machine.”  Fits in your pocket and weighs less than 5oz. 

SHOP AT REI – $49.95

Camp Wrap

REI Co-op Camp Wrap

Stay warm, dry, and cozy in this tailored blanket that doubles as a warm blanket overnight. It’s a wearable wrap with a hoodie built in. 

SHOP AT REI – $99.95

LED Camping Lantern

LED camping lantern

This LED rechargeable camping lantern can also charge your phone and is completely water resistant.


Powerlix Ultra-light Inflatable Sleeping Mat

powerlix sleeping pad

This cute little baby is lightweight and is easy to carry. Perfect for when sleeping on the ground is not ideal or you need some extra padding


LED Flashlight Gloves

LED flashlight gloves

These cool inventions help you see when it’s dark but you also need access to your hands. Great for camping and fishing. 


Camping Hammock 

wise owl camping hammock

Rest amongst the trees with this portable hammock from Wise Owl. Comes with everything you need to set up the perfect serene moment in nature. 

SHOP ON AMAZON – $24.95-$42.95

Camping Tent Organizer

roadie tent & RV camping organizer

Have a type A personality going camping? This little tent organizer is perfect. There’s shelves for your clothes and shoes, and it even zips up to protect from critters. 


Go Plus Folding Camping Kitchen

Goplus Folding Camping Kitchen

Want to elevate your camping dining experience? This portable outdoor cooking table has you covered! 

SHOP ON AMAZON – $123.99


Does your family love to camp? What are the outdoor essentials you can’t live without? Share your camping hacks in the comments below!

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