When I started my personal blog, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was be authentic and show the good as well as the bad. I felt that most of what we see online when people choose to share their lives is so well curated, it seems perfect. It’s a beautiful portrait and everyone looks happy, it’s nice to look at for sure. But it can leave us feeling less than proud of our own lives because, well… nobody is perfect or happy all the time. We all struggle and what’s going on behind the camera is just as important to share because that is how we find real connection.

So when the time emerged to transition Monet into a digital media site, primarily, I was most excited about the ability to share the platform with more voices. Especially the stories shared by other women and the perspectives that were buzzing around waiting to be shared. 

She’s a Full on Monet is a place you can come for respite, where you’ll be affirmed to know none of us are perfect. We don’t need to be a sample size. It’s ok that we are no longer someone’s “target demographic.” That doesn’t mean we become invisible or what we have to say isn’t important. We are the main characters in our own stories. Our lives are rich with meaning, full of love and laughter, and we’re allowed to romanticize them and make them our own.

It’s ok to get close up. You’ll see some flaws. It might be a mess. But that’s all right, there’s beauty in that. Embrace all of it. This is a dwelling place where everyone is welcome and the dialogue is open to all. Come as you wish and stay as long as you please.

Editor In Chief