The Boyfriend Bob Is The Edgy, Effortless Haircut For Fall

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If you’ve been feeling weighed down by summer’s record-breaking heat waves, make sure your fall feels cooler with a fresh, short haircut: the boyfriend bob.

Just like boyfriend-cut jeans and a (perhaps stolen) boyfriend’s sweatshirt, the name indicates something relaxed and comfortable. But celebrities and stylists don’t love this look just for its comfort; it’s also super versatile for several different hair types and styling preferences. The boyfriend bob is the perfect length for unpredictable fall weather: short enough not to weigh you down during surprise second-summer, long enough that your neck isn’t freezing when it finally gets cold, and short enough to not get tangled in your scarf!

The boyfriend bob, also called a ‘box bob’ by professionals, is a sleek, precise cut several inches longer than a traditional bob. Thanks to its clean ends and lack of layers, the boyfriend bob looks natural as it grows out, so you don’t have to worry about fitting so many salon appointments into your busy ‘back-to-school-Halloween-Thanksgiving-WAIT-how-is-it-already-almost-Christmas?!’ schedule.

Who Can Wear It?

The sharp edges of a boyfriend bob are perfect for framing soft round or oval face shapes, but styling it with loose waves make it suitable for square faces as well. Another option for angular face shapes is the addition of curtain bangs. Long bangs keep the precise ends of the cut but softens the shape around your temples and cheekbones.

How to Style

Smoothing serum for a sleek shine is a must for showing off the clean lines of the cut. Although it’s longer than flapper bobs and mid-century round bobs, you can still curl the ends in for a cute retro look. (Jinkies! Just in time to dress up as Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo for Halloween!) 

Not sure if you’re ready to let go of summer and your laid back beach vibes? Keep the boyfriend bob relaxed and comfortable, living up to its ‘boyfriend’ name, by styling it into soft waves. Pair the look with cozy flannel and apple-picking for maximum autumnal vibes.

However you decide to make this style your own, never forget rule #1 of getting a new cut: bring pictures to the salon! Your stylist can give you recommendations on length and shape specific to your hair’s needs.

Boyfriend Bob Styling

Whether you want to wear your new haircut sleek or tousled, we picked our favorite products for styling the boyfriend bob!

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Living Proof
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Kenra Professional Platinum Silkening Gloss
Drybar Liquid Glass Miricle Smoothing Sealant
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Tell us what you think of the boyfriend bob below!

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