How To Cut Curtain Bangs: Steps, Style Tips, And Bang Inspo!

Bangs. They’re not just a statement, they’re a lifestyle. Best of all, bangs can be cut in different styles to fit nearly every face shape and all hair lengths. The newest way to frame your face, however, is to try out some curtain bangs. 

Curtain bangs can work on basically any frame and are all the rage. These face-framers give you that “messy but still chic” look with minimal effort. And best of all, you can DIY them — just maybe not like Lena Dunham tries to in Girls (but hey, you do you).

If you want to get this hot hairstyle without shelling out the big bucks, we’ll give you step-by-step tips (plus videos, videos, and more videos) that will show you how to cut curtain bangs from the comfort of your own home. 

Want the bangs without the commitment? Yeah, same. You can also try out DIY curtain bangs in the ultimate rent to own model — yeah, I’m talking clip-ins. Don’t like the way they look? Fine. Take ‘em off and place ‘em on your dog. Take as many pictures as you like of your banged-up pooch, then upload the evidence…err…snapshots to your social media. Problem solved.

How To Go Full Bang

Do you want to go all-out with your DIY curtain bangs? Here’s how to cut curtain bangs (via WikiHow):

  • Find a style you like on the ‘gram or wherever you get hair inspo.

  • Grab a pair of hair trimming shears and a flat comb.

  • Detangle and dry your hair.

  • Create a center part and section your hair.

  • You’ll want to section far enough back that your comb will lie flat against your head.

  • Then, using the arch of your eyebrows as a guide, start from the flat portion of your head and section your hair into a triangle. This is the hair you’ll cut for your bangs.

  • Starting at chin level, cut across your bangs. Always cut a little longer than you think you’ll want!

  • Next, part your bangs in the middle and cut each side at an angle.

  • Make 4-6 tiny vertical cuts to feather your bangs.

For video tutorials, check out Manes By Mell YouTube video where she shows you how to cut your own curtain bangs on curly hair.

Congrats! You just banged yourself!

Straight hair? Ariba Peravaiz will show you how to cut and style DIY curtain bangs like a pro.

Now that you’ve cut ‘em, how the hell do you style ‘em? Brad Mondo will show you 3 ways to style curtain bangs. You’ll probably want to have some tools on hand like a blow dryer or blow dry brush, some dry shampoo, and a hair straightener. Make sure the style you choose for your curtain bangs goes with the rest of your hair!

Still a little shy about cutting your hair into bangs? Girl, I don’t blame you. Check out Bianca Gover’s tutorial on how to get the look without scissors.


Now that you’ve learned how to cut curtain bangs, are you going to try it? Do you currently have them? Let us know in the comments!

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