Get The Best Curls Of Your Life! We Share How To Use Curling Wands And Irons For Salon-Worthy Hair

Let’s be honest — there’s nothing quite like that feeling you get after you walk out of a salon with perfectly-styled hair, so bouncy that you have to stop yourself from just touching it ALL the time. But that euphoric feeling is usually followed by a hefty bill, and that’s unrealistic to do every week. Not just because of the price, but also, who has time for that? We’re here to show you how to get professional, bouncy hair at home with curling wands and irons. Don’t freak out — it’s easier than you think, and there are a few different methods.


Wands & Irons

First off, let’s talk tools. There are wands and traditional curling irons, but use whatever you’re comfortable with, they both get the job done. I’m a wand person just because I never mastered a traditional curling iron. There’s no need to try to use something you’re not comfortable with; you can achieve salon quality hair with both!

Hair Products

Now let’s talk products. You’ll need some heat protector, and don’t forget the hair spray! It’s important to protect your hair if you’re using heat on it often. For hairspray, I recommend working hairspray — it has a lighter hold and you can layer it as needed. 

Now that we have our heat protector in and tools hot, here are some techniques that you can use to get the perfect curls. When using any tool to curl your hair, remember that it’s important to section your hair. I like to use clips to pre-section my hair so when I move to a new section I can just let down the next clip. Here are some options:

Section Your Hair

Sectioning your hair is important because you want to create some volume and dimension to your curl. I like to take three sections — top, middle, and the underneath/bottom. When curling your hair, always start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. With each section you pull down, pull half to one side of your head and half to the other. From here you are ready to start the curling process. 

Something to note, bigger sections of hair make looser curls and smaller sections of hair make a tighter curl. My hair is thicker than most so I tend to break my sectioned hair into two when curling — when I’m done with one section I’ll have two curls on each side.

Curling With An Iron

@mattloveshair Try practicing this movement with the #curlingiron turned OFF to get the hang of it 😛 #hairtutorial #hairtips #hairstylelover ♬ Deep End – Fousheé

Now, for curling methods. When using a traditional curling iron the clamp is key. Someone told me once to think of it as the gas on your car — just lightly push it when you’re curling.

When curling your hair, clamp close to the scalp and when you pull away gently press the clamp, pull, and twist. Repeat this until all of your hair is in the iron and hold for 10 seconds. When you’re done don’t touch your curls until your full head is complete. Your curls need to cool down before you brush them out, which is the key to a long-lasting head of curls. You can use hairspray as well if you’re concerned about your hair holding when you finish each section. 

When I’m curling my hair I like to curl each side away from my face. You can also alternate your curls in the middle and bottom sections and once you get to the top section, curl away from your face. Curling away from the face opens and frames your face.

Curling With A Wand

The type of curls a wand produces are a tad bit different than a traditional curling iron, but still just as pretty. Start close to the scalp and begin to curl. You can either twist your hair and spin it around the wand or keep it more flat to get similar results to the traditional curling iron. Because you’re wrapping all the hair at once, keep the iron on a tad bit longer. I would recommend waiting 15 seconds or just touching your hair to feel when it gets warm. Remember not to touch your curls once they’re done because you need to let them cool.

Final Touches

You might look like Shirley Temple, but don’t worry! Once you finish your full head take your fingers and gently run them through your hair. This will break apart your curls to give you the bouncy-salon look. If your curls still feel overwhelming, use a comb or brush to brush the curls out a little more. Give your hair a nice spritz with some hairspray and you are ready to go. It might take some practice, but you got this!


Do you curl your hair with an iron or a wand? Any tips or products you use? Share with us below!

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