The 7 Best Wearable Fashion Trends For Women Over 40

Fashion for women over forty is not about trying to look younger but about finding styles that compliment our age and make us feel our best. 

Even though it’s unjust, every woman is aware that you cannot wear the same outfits every day of your life. Unfortunately, society dictates that we get clothing that is appropriate for our age. And it’s not just societal standards – it’s all because our bodies change with time. 

While we can’t always disguise our age, we can make ourselves appear representative and stylish. I know, it sucks. But there are still ways to play with fashion!

There are so many fun trends for fall, and it always seems like the right season to attempt something a little bit novel or outside of your comfort zone. 

But there are some things to consider before revamping your wardrobe. For women in their 40s, here are some of the things to think about when shopping for new styles!

Fashion Over 40: Stick To Your Style

When considering how to dress after 40, it’s advisable to be picky, even though you can be attracted by a new fashion trend. Make sure to just select ones that go well with your personality and body type/shape.

Different people will have different wardrobe staples. This will vary depending on your personality, lifestyle, and sense of style. 

However, having a selection of your favorite go-to staple styles in your closet will make getting dressed every day a lot easier and more fashionable as well!

Think About Comfort

You’ll probably end up wearing your casual attire a lot more than your high-end staples. 

Therefore, don’t overlook your daily attire. To add elegance and warmth to a straightforward pair of jeans and a t-shirt, add a long cardigan. Or, to dress up casual clothing, add a blazer.

Opt For Natural Fabrics/Quality Over Quantity 

You might have looked cute in a flimsy, badly manufactured t-shirt when you were younger, but as an older woman, you need clothing that has a little more substance.

Look for lovely natural textiles like silk, cotton, linen, and cashmere; you’ll wear them for years to come. Instead of focusing on the initial cost of your item, consider its cost per wear. And steer clear of fabrics that cling or don’t drape well.

Keep It Simple

The most crucial fashion “law” of them all is to dress in what makes you feel good. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it – if you feel amazing in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters.

We picked some style staples that are must-haves for our closets and you can see them below!

Black Basics

Although I am aware that black is a timeless color, all-black outfits seem to be even more fashionable this fall.

Tweed Blazer
Black Office Pants
Abercrombie & Fitch
Satin Slip Midi Dress

Square-Toe Shoes

In 2022, the recent resurgence of the ’90s square toe heel trend is still going strong. If you’ve been resisting the square toe shoe trend, it’s time to give up your round toes and embrace the more edgy yet equally timeless style.

Jeffrey Campbell
Geist Square Toe Boot
Sam Edelman
Tarra Sling Back Heel
Franco Sarto
Sonna Knee-High Boot

Maxi Skirts

Maxis are very popular, and we love this style! Because of how acceptable and modest the longer hemline feels on women over 40, maxis are really flattering on them. Maxis are feminine, have movement and flow, and are also attractive and pleasing. More simple designs with streamlined shapes were seen on the runways, but you can opt for a flowing maxi.

Leather Pleated Skirt
By Anthropologie
Stretch Maxi Skirt
Slip Skirt


The newest throwback to take center stage are clogs. We are convinced that the 2022 rebirth of these shoes is happening for a good reason, since they are adaptable, cozy, and the ideal finishing touch for your “cool mom” appearance. They also make it simpler than ever to quickly put on shoes before heading out the door.

Classic Clog
Dakota Clogs
Jeffrey Campbell
Bae Platform Clogs


Vests were worn by women as part of their everyday attire by the late 1990s and early 2000s. The rest is history; vests have become commonplace on the runway and in public ever since. The vest is really iconic, to put it mildly, and it’s still highly fashionable in 2022.

Open Edit
Open Edit Fitted Vest
Banana Republic
Baby Cashmere Sweater Vest
Blazer Vest


Despite not being a particularly new fashion, loafers will continue to be popular throughout fall and winter.

Lisa Vicky
Zany Loafer
Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn
Suede Loafer
& Other Stories
Penny Loafer

Wide Leg Denim

Wide, slouchy pants were combined with large shirts, jackets, and coats on the catwalks. Basically, the wider the better. They may not always be flattering for ladies over 40. I’d advise attempting wide trousers, but make sure they still have some tailoring and are body-flattering for you.

& Other Stories
Wide Leg Pocket Jeans
High Waist Wide Leg Pant
Wide Leg Pant

Will you be adding any of these trends to your fashion rotation? Tell us in the comments!

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