This Classic Hair Accessory From the ’90s Is Back And We Need It Right Now

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You know the scene in Toy Story where all the little green aliens in the Pizza Planet claw machine gaze in wonder at the metal prongs descending toward them and drone, in unison, “The Clawwww”?

That pretty much sums up the fashion world’s current hair accessory mood. While claw clips once clasped Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Rachel Green haircut on Friends, they’ve spent the 21st century languishing alongside old crimpers — until now. Every off-duty supermodel is stepping out in a clipped bun, putting the accessory back on the map.

I, for one, couldn’t be more glad. Even those of us whose hairstyling talents begin and end at a ponytail (hint: yours truly) can rock the claw — just gather your tresses, twist upward, and clip. Use smaller claws for a sweet half-up, half-down look in a snap.

Need to refresh your clip collection? Read on to shop the best claw clips the Internet has to offer.


Flower Claw Clip

hair claw clips

Calling all flower children. Try braiding the front of your hair and pinning it back with this pastel dream with this Flower Claw Clip.  

SHOP – $10

Matte Claw Clip

Claw hair clips

The square shape and matte finish of this ultra-affordable claw make the ’90s throwback feel super modern.

SHOP – $5

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip

Claw Hair Clips

The acetate material is biodegradable, making this the most eco-friendly hair accessory outside of daisy chains.

SHOP – $35

Cute as a Button Claw

Claw Hair Clips

Growing out your quarantine curtain bangs? Wrangle unruly layers with these itty-bitty cow print clips.

SHOP – $6

Eco-Friendly Marble Claw Clip

Claw Hair Clips

Another environmentally friendly option! This hairclip is crafted from recycled acrylic — and goes with every single outfit.

SHOP – $10

Shell Claw Hair Clip Set

Claw Hair Clip

Feeling fancy? You could easily get away with wearing these pearl-studded accessories at an event (think the easiest wedding-guest updo ever).

SHOP – $28

Curve Claw

Claw Hair Clip

Chic and beautiful! This claw clip adds a twist to the classic look and will dress up any outfit you pair it with!

SHOP – $25.60

Large Claw Hair Clip

Claw Hair Clip

The ivory color of this heavy-duty clip makes it the perfect everyday claw for blondes.

SHOP – $18.50

Papillon Jaw Hair Clip

Claw Hair Clip

Want to really lean into the ’90s vibes? Two words: butterfly clips. This marbled acrylic style is a grown-up version of the tiny plastic bugs we used to pack in our hair by the dozens.

SHOP – $48


What other retro styles are due for a resurgence? Is it time to bring back side ponies? Let us know in the comments!

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