Bandanas And Scarves Are Back In Style — Here’s How To Wear Them

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Sorry, Rory Gilmore. Headbands are so passé. The hair accoutrement of the moment? Scarves and bandanas. Whether silk or cotton, scarf and bandana hairstyles add color and volume to your ‘do, and instantly take jeans and a tee from humdrum to worthy of a picnic in the English countryside.

Ready for your Emma moment? We rounded up the sweetest scarf and bandana styles, plus the perfect pieces to pull ’em off.


Classic Bandana Hairstyle

You probably recall this style from your summer camp days. Fold a square bandana in half to form a triangle, then lay it over your head, leaving a few tendrils of hair out in front. Tie the ends of the bandana under the rest of your hair. (Tip: If you’re having trouble with this hairstyle without getting strands caught in the knot, pull your tresses into a ponytail or bun, then let them loose once you’ve secured the bandana.)

Twist On The Classic Bandana Hairstyle

Accessory maximalists, try this super cute take on the previous bandana hairstyle. Tie a silk or cotton bandana as seen above, making sure that the locks you leave out in front are on the smaller side. Braid those pieces tightly and clip ’em to the bandana with some colorful barrettes.

Silk Scarf Hairstyles

Don’t banish silk scarves to the back of your closet when the weather is warmer. Instead, tie scarves over a bun in this hairstyle. As with the triangle bandana technique, pull out a few face-framing wispies to keep the look soft.

Braided Scarf Hairstyle

This might be the easiest hair upgrade ever. Section out a lock on either side and braid them behind your head, securing with an elastic. Cinch on a skinny scarf or folded bandana for this hairstyle and go.

Neck Scarf Hairstyle

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Ready for a woven look that’s a bit more advanced? Fold a big silk scarf into one long, thin strip and place it around your neck. Plait your hair into two braids, using the scarf as one of your three braid strands on each side. Tie off with elastics, then knot the ends of the scarf atop your noggin. Pin the remaining scarf material behind your head to keep it out of the way of this hairstyle.

Scarf-Threading Hairstyles

For daytime dates or farmers market strolls, use elastic hair ties to create two loops at the nape of your neck. Wrap and pin the extra hair around each elastic, then pull one of the loops through the other to form a big bun. Shove some bobby pins in as needed and, for the piece de resistance, thread a scarf through one of the elastics and make a knot.

Bow-Scarf Hairstyle

My favorite hairstyles look complicated but can be done in a snap, and this one fits the bill. For this hairstyle, make an itty-bitty ponytail at the end of your hair and thread a folded bandana through the hair band. Then simply roll and pin, tying the fabric into a bow atop your head. Wrap any loose locks around the sides of the bandana.


Do you love these scarf and bandana hairstyles? What hair trend should we cover next?

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