These 7 Trends Are Taking Over Fall 2021’s Fashion Scene

A brief moment of silence for the passing of summer 2021’s fashion trends…and now, get excited for fall to arrive, bringing all new trends with it. We’re filling our closets with these styles — and there are plenty of styles to choose from. If you don’t know what’s in, we’ve rounded up some of the predicted fall trends in fashion that will be heading your way soon, as well as some pieces to get you started!


Fancy Knitwork

fall clothes

This season, we’re seeing the comeback of knitted vests and vest dresses. It’s all about layering here! From oversized vests to tennis skirts, you can easily make this fall fashion trend your own. We are seeing more neutral tones in this trend, but if you want to add a pop, reach for the classic houndstooth print. Stay chic and cozy this fall.

Y2K Nostalgia

fall trends in fashion

Y2K trends are back thanks to Gen Z, so pull out your butterfly print and low-rise jeans. As we know, the most nostalgic trends always come back into style, and we’re excited to see camisoles and velour tracksuits come back around as the weather starts to cool down again. And of course, comfort is a priority.

Bold And Bright

fall trends in fashion

Bold colors and saturated hues add a statement to any and every outfit. Go for earthy pieces, like emerald sweaters or royal blue trousers, to add depth to the rest of your look. Another option: stand out with an orange dress or sunflower-yellow cardigan set. Keep the rest of your look neutral…or don’t. It’s fall 2021 — aren’t fashion trends created by taking risks?

Shine And Shimmer

shine and shimmer

Glitz and glam fashion never truly went out of style, but for this fall trend, go all out with sequins. Wear a jumpsuit to brunch, a blazer to work, or a dress to a party — just make sure there’s glitter involved. A bonus: sequins go with every outfit in your closet, so if you don’t have time to change between work and a dinner party, you’ll still look stylish.

Pretty In Pink


Pinks are in, from bubblegum to blush, neon to pastel — basically, channel your inner Elle Woods fashion, and you have fall 2021’s signature color trend. Make it cute and fun with a puff sleeve top, or channel your inner boss bitch with a knit blazer. The color may appear subtle, but you’ll feel ultra powerful.

Puff, Puff, Bag

puff bags

Puffed to quilted, big to small, these puffer bags come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a fan of crossbodies to keep close, clutches to carry the essentials, or simply want an oversized tote bag to lug your work stuff, make it ~fashun~ by keeping it puffed up.

Pearls Reimagined


Pearls are a timeless classic, and fall 2021 is spicing them up with some edgy elements. A great example: the Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace everyone is wearing (or buying knockoffs of). We’re seeing this fall trend with gold more than anything, and we’re also embracing imperfect, non-circular pearls for a twist on the classic fashion accessories.


Which fall 2021 fashion trend are you most looking forward to? Share in the comments!

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