Dad Style Is In And We’re Loving These Dad Sandals Right Now!

Let’s face it, ‘dad style’ is in. From bermuda shorts to chunky orthopedic shoes, the fashion world really can’t get enough. The latest dad trend of the summer? Sport sandals, also known as ‘Dad sandals’.

This ugly-chic trend has definitely popped up on your feed somewhere or you’ve seen them in the store. This summer we are trading our dad sneakers in for these comfortable, funky shoes. Designers have also taken part in this growing trend, releasing their own take on the ‘dad sandal’. These utilitarian style sandals seem to come from 80’s  and 90’s influences and are being styled in unique ways.


Designer Dad Sandals

To kick it off, we gathered all of the chicest designer styles we could find, from Gucci to Balenciaga. These designers definitely didn’t disappoint bringing their own brand style to this growing trend. Who knew dad sandals could be so fashionable? (Not me. Definitely not me.)

Non-Designer Dad Sandals

We know it can be hard to pour a pretty penny into designer shoes, let alone when it means buying into a trend you haven’t tried yet. We found some other (just as chic) options so you can try out this trend before investing in a designer item.


What are your favorite dad sandals? Comment below!

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