You’ll Want To Wear These Cute And Practical Belt Bags Everywhere

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Fanny packs/belt bags are something we’re seeing on the cycling wheel of trends — trends that always make their way back around. That time has come for fanny packs, and they’re popping up all over. When you think of a fanny pack, it’s hard not to picture it accompanied with a neon spandex outfit, but that’s not the case anymore. They’re back and cuter than ever — and surprisingly just as practical.


While wearing them around your waist is still effective, people have started experimenting with how to style them. From makeshift belts to crossbody bags, here’s how we’re seeing them styled:

Designer Fanny Packs Under $1,000

Designers all over hopped on this trend and made some of the most chic fanny packs we’ve ever seen. We know designer bags can come with a high price tag, so we’ve gathered a list of our favorite designer fanny packs under $1,000! If these are still out of your price range, no worries — keep scrolling for some more affordable options!

Everyday Fanny Packs

These fanny packs are fashion forward, and you might think twice about carrying your normal purse. Instead, switch it out for these cute and functional bags.

Athlesuire Fanny Packs 

Take these fanny packs to the gym, on a hike, or even to your local coffee shop. Wherever you decide to wear your athleisure fit, this will compliment while keeping you looking chic.


Which fanny packs will you be wearing? Let us know in the comments!

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