Follow These Style Tips For A Modest And Chic Summer

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A key element of dressing for the summer is wearing pieces that are breezy and comfortable, which oftentimes includes showing more skin. However, modest styling has been on the rise and there are plenty of stylish ways to cover up during the summer while staying cool and fashionable. Here are some trusted style tips and pieces to help you conquer modest summer style.


Culottes and Trousers

Shorts are THE summer bottoms, but if you’re not feeling shorts, another great option are culottes and wide-leg trousers. You’ll definitely want to opt for a lightweight fabric, like linen. I definitely recommend a piece with noticeable buttons or a tie-waist as this can act like an accessory when you pair it with a top. A patterned pant also makes it easy to style as you can pair it with just about any top in a neutral shade.

Midi Anything

Midi silhouettes are gorgeous all year round, and there’s no reason to ditch them in the summer. Nap dresses are extremely popular and they often feature a midi cut. Puff sleeves continue to trend, so opt for a dress with sleeves which will offer extra coverage. Look for tiered silhouettes, embroidery, and other fun design elements that will elevate the dress without needing to expose anything (like cut-outs for example).


Switch the low-cut necklines, sweetheart necklines, etc. for high neck silhouettes like mock necks, halter necks, and crewnecks. This will leave you less exposed in your chest area, and they can be worn under a lower-cut piece as well. A tip for you: Purchase a few twilly scarves. They serve the purpose of adding more coverage to your neck and chest area and as a chic accessory.

Bodysuits Instead of Crop Tops

You can’t escape crop tops during the summer, but bodysuits are relevant all year, all seasons. There’s a bodysuit for pretty much every crop top silhouette. I recommend bodysuits because they’re super versatile, and you don’t have to worry about it shifting and moving on your body.


You can be really creative with cover-ups during the summer. Standard button-ups can double for cover-ups. You’ll want to opt for something looser fit and play with the kind of fabrics you feel most comfortable in. 

I also highly recommend casual blazers. It’s important to play with the lengths. Since many bottoms are high-waisted, a cropped blazer will add some interest to the outfit and you’re still 100% covered up. 

Other cover-up favorites include lightweight shackets, cardigans, and kimonos. Oversized silhouettes will always add more structure and coverage to your outfit.


Were these modest style tips helpful? What are your favorite stylish pieces to rock in the summer? Comment below!

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