How To Do The Glazed Donut Nails You’ve Seen Everywhere

Hailey Bieber is one of the internet’s favorite style and beauty icons, and we want to be just like her. Thankfully, that’s actually doable because Bieber shares all of her beauty secrets online. This girl does not gatekeep, and we’re so happy about it. 

The current trend Bieber is promoting is glazed donut nails. Don’t get too excited – they’re not actual donuts on your fingers (although we could get behind that pretty quickly). This nail trend is a shiny, opaque, pearl-like manicure that’s an extension of the ‘glazed donut facial’ Hailey suggests everyone does for their skincare.

What Are Donut Nails?

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The nail trend is definitely classy and subtle. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to get their nails done but also isn’t crazy about loud colors. 

Glazed donut nails are (almost) exactly what they sound like. They give the glossy look of a glazed donut while also looking semi-natural. We’ve all seen a chrome nail go a bit too robot-inspired, but don’t worry, that won’t happen with this trend. 

There is something beautifully elegant and classy about these nails, and even though they’re ‘trending’ on the internet right now, something tells us this trend won’t go away any time soon.

How to do Glazed Donut Nails

These simple and elegant nails are relatively easy to achieve at home or in a salon. 

The manicure starts with a clear base coat, then a coat of OPI’s gelColor, ‘Funny Bunny’, another clear coat, then a sprinkle of OPI’s Tin Man Can chrome effect powder. Top it off with a final clear coat and you’ve got the perfect glazed donut nails!

If you can’t find these exact colors, no worries. There are a million colors that have a slight chrome shine to them and all you have to do is add one layer to your base coat. 

You can also incorporate your own spin on this trend. I’m about to do a nude-inspired look with this technique. 

If you try the glazed donut nail trend, please tag us so we can see your beautiful manicures!


Have you tried the glazed donut nails before? Are you going to now? Comment below!

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