9 Winter Perfumes You Need To Add To Your Fragrance Collection

winter perfumes
There are two types of women: those who pick a signature scent and wear it for an extended amount of time, maybe their whole lives, and those who change up their perfume whenever they discover something new, who probably already have winter perfumes on their vanity. I guess maybe there’s a few other types – the type that doesn’t wear any perfume, the type that wears whatever suits her mood that day and lastly the type that has a scent wardrobe, like me, that changes based on the season and even the time of day and type of event. Let me explain.
You change the scent of the candles you burn in your home based on the season, no? Everyone busts out the pumpkin spice or apple scented candles in the fall and the winter fragrances for winter. Most people have a basic knowledge of essential oils now and understand how different scents can change your mood or be used for different times of day to either help you sleep or wake you up. We change the colors and textures of our clothing fabrics based on the season, although here in California it’s more to signify the time of year since the weather doesn’t fluctuate much. So shouldn’t our scent profile do the same — shouldn’t we use summer perfumes in summer and winter perfumes in winter? Also, have you ever noticed that a perfume smells different on you than it does on another person? That’s because everyone has a different pH level in their body, and perfume reacts to that. And that can change based on our seasonal diet changes and fluctuations in weather etc.

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So, as a perfume enthusiast, my suggestion to you is that if you love your favorite signature scent, continue wearing it. You can wear it forever if it suits you. But if you’re ready for something different, try layering your signature scent with winter perfumes over the top to give it a bit of edge.
Oftentimes the big name-brand perfumes come out with multiple variations of the same formula, so check and see if they have a “darker” version of your favorite. If you want to try layering your winter perfumes, this is one of my favorite tricks because it really gives you a true individual and unique scent that no one else will wear. The trick is to try different combinations until you find one that really works well together. It’s like being your own master perfumer. 
Not quite ready for a layering experiment? Don’t worry! The scents listed below have done some of that layering work for you.


winter perfumes
Nars Audacious
Nars' signature fragrance boasts notes of frangipani, incense, and sandalwood. This winter perfume is deep, warm, and seductive, and it smells as good as the bottle looks!
SHOP - $180
winter perfume
Heretic Dirty Vanilla
Holiday baking, but make it sexy. This winter perfume isn't too sweet because of the mix of sandalwood and coriander that tone down the vanilla. Add a little musk and BAM, it's all bedroom eyes, baby.
SHOP - $165
winter perfume
Ellis Brooklyn Iso Gamma Super
This perfume smells earthy and woodsy, like a walk through a winter forest. It's also hypoallergenic, made with eco friendly materials, and perfect for those looking to step into fragrance minimalism. And we love that this travel sized spray can be taken with you literally anywhere!
SHOP - $30
winter perfume
Diptyque L'Ombre Fragrance Stickers
These matte black stickers can be placed anywhere on the body and let the floral, grassy winter fragrance linger on your skin all day. They're perfect for people who are sensitive to perfume sprays. They also just look super cool!
SHOP - $55
Tiffany & Love
Neroli & blue sequoia prove to be the perfect balance in this winter perfume! This fragrance looks GORGEOUS on your vanity and it even has a corresponding men's scent if you want to be matchy-matchy with your boo.
SHOP - $126
winter perfume
Gucci Memoire
Vanilla, jasmine and chamomile combine to make this winter perfume feel like a comforting cup of tea. Who doesn't need some beautiful Gucci on display? Bonus points that it smells divine and wraps you in winter cozy comfort and isn't too heavy, perfect as a daytime scent.
SHOP - $66
winter perfume
Yves Saint Laurent Libre
Lavender and orange blossom say spring but the addition of musk makes this a surefire winter perfume staple. Another bottle that feels like a piece of art for your vanity table. So beautiful you won't want to empty it!
SHOP - $80
winter perfume
Byredo Eleventh Hour
Bergamot, fig and rum make this winter fragrance spicy and warm. This is perfect for any girl not into florals or vanilla but who doesn't want to smell musky. Byredo always manages to get the balance just right.
SHOP - $180
hermes twilly
Hermes Twilly
This rose scent is balanced with a peppery berry tone in this fragrance. Wear the perfume as you normally would OR spritz it on the Hermes tie that comes with the bottle and tie it on your wrist or ponytail and the scent will linger all day.
SHOP - $69.99
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