These 12 Winter Perfumes Will Actually Make You Love The Cold

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As winter arrives, I’ve been looking for perfumes I can add to my seasonal fragrance collection. Fresh woods, ginger, the final, frosty flowers still holding on after a storm — all of these notes remind me of winter, and I want to wear them everywhere.

This is why I did a deep dive into perfumes I can wear all winter long. Great news: I’ve found the best winter perfumes you can add to your fragrance drawer, because I know you’re dying to smell like Christmas-tree-hunting. It’s okay. Me too, ladies. Me too.


If you’re looking for the scent of a fire burning next to your Christmas tree, you’ll love this perfume’s mingling of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.

no 4

SHOP – $59 (0.5 oz.)

Le Labo is a fan favorite, and Lys 41’s middle note of jasmine with its woody, musk, and vanilla base notes combine for a floral scent post-rain.

lys 41

SHOP – $196 (1.7 oz.)

Pine trees are a staple of winter; woody and smokey blend with notes of cedarwood, bergamot, and, of course, pine in the aptly-named Forest Lungs.

winter perfume

SHOP – $95 (1.7 oz.)

It would be a sin to not include Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne for winter — isn’t ginger the signature winter scent?

winter perfume

SHOP – $144

There’s nothing quite like waking up late on a weekend buried in blankets; Lazy Sunday Morning’s floral, musky scent pairs with those slow winter mornings.

winter perfume

SHOP – $72 (1 oz.)

There’s a zing to Henry Rose’s perfume, but it’s balanced by sandalwood, transporting you to the middle of the woods.

queen and monsters

SHOP – $120 (1.7 oz.)

The most feminine scent on this list, with overwhelming florals. Still, the fragrance’s mellow, musky notes evoke the romance of winter.

cartier perfume

SHOP – $110 (2.5 oz)

Perfumer Ben Gorham’s inspiration for Blanche was white; wear it on days of heavy snowfall.

byredo perfume

SHOP – $190 (1.7 oz.)

Tom Ford’s perfume wants you to envision “an alpine getaway where winter escapades play out under an iridescent sky.” It’s a vague description, but somehow, it just makes scents.

tom ford perfume

SHOP – $263 (1.7 oz.)

Heretic’s Smudge has hints of juniper, balsamic sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, and notes of the tonka bean. It’s reminiscent of holidays with the family: complex, but always comforting.

winter perfume

SHOP – $165

Curling up with a cup of honey-filled (and perhaps spiked?) tea and a velvet blanket is captured in Velvet Orchid, also entwined with florals and vanilla.

velvet orchid

SHOP – $136 (1.7 oz.)

Damascus rose adds spice to this perfume, but it’s soothed by woody resin and clarifying water for a bouquet brought in from the rain.

winter perfume

SHOP – $110 (1.35 oz.)

Even if you’ve never been to the Mediterranean, you’ll be able to imagine a gorgeous sky through Light di Gioia’s mix of jasmine, gardenia, and a woody base.

light di gioa

SHOP – $81 (1.7 oz)

Who says women can’t wear men’s cologne? It’s 2021. Replica Jazz Club takes you to a smokey club on a holiday night, filled with cocktails, cigars, and leather booths.

replica jazz club

SHOP – $72 (1 oz.)

Sweet nights filled with desserts — that’s what you’ll envision wearing Azzaro’s perfume. With notes of ginger flower, dulce de leche, and vetiver, you can practically taste the fragrance.

winter perfume

SHOP – $85 (1.6 oz.)

Don that red holiday dress, then spritz this perfume all over. Bold notes of sparkling pear, rose, vanilla, and a woody base will give you the confidence you’ve been afraid to unlock.

winter perfume

SHOP – $98 (1.7 oz.)


What winter perfume is your favorite? Do you have any signature fragrances you save for the season? Tell us in the comments!

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