Your Favorite Foodies Will Love These Food & Drink Gifts

Have a foodie in your life? Honor their obsession with all things edible with these 20 gifts! Whether they’re spice snobs or cocktail aficionados, you’ll find something they’re bound to love on this list. Read on to find the perfect gifts for all your favorite foodies!


Infused Olive Oil Set

infused olive oil gift set

Cold-pressed olives in olive oil? To be expected. But basil-infused olive oil, garlic-infused oil, truffle-infused oil, and blood-orange-infused oil? We can get behind all of that for these unique twists on the standard oil and vinegar dip.

SHOP – $39.95

Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

oyster mushroom log

Oyster mushrooms are mild in taste, perfect for soups and stews; give them the option to grow their own in this log kit.

SHOP – $30

Iced Coffee Candle

iced coffee candle

If your daughter craves iced coffee, make coffee-less days easier with a scented candle. Made from natural soy and essential oils, she’ll wake up and almost forget the lack of caffeine.

SHOP – $27.99

The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche

gourmet's smoking cloche

This smoker uses applewood chips to add a smokey, complex note to every food and drink. We recommend using it for cocktails.

SHOP – $200

Deluxe European Cheese Crate

european cheese gift set

Your little cheese lovers will rejoice when you bring home three pounds of cheese samplings. Whether you want to travel to France or Switzerland, Europe is one bite away.

SHOP – $129.95

DIY Sushi Kit

DIY sushi kit

Why spend hundreds on weekly sushi when you and your wife can make it at home? This set comes with the basics: rice, nori, wasabi, sesame seeds, and rice vinegar powder. The fillings are up to you two.

SHOP – $34.95

Brunch Mini Bar Cocktail Kit

brunch mini bar

Your aspiring mixologist husband will love making brunch cocktails with fruity Floral, tangy Rossa, and zesty Bloody infusion blends.

SHOP – $59.95

The Milk Bar Sampler

milk bar sampler

Milk Bar was dreamed up by baker Christina Tosi, and her company solely consists of sweets. Your sister’s sweet tooth is no match for her sampler, which has truffles, pie, and cookies.

SHOP – $54

Casamigos Cocktail Mix Trio

casamigos cocktail mix

Stop using cheap mixers and invest in Casamigos quality mixers instead, with flavors including your margarita mix, grapefruit orange paloma mix, and blackberry basil smash mix — all bright and tangy.

SHOP – $55.95

Custom Wooden Decanter & Glasses Gift Set

decanter and glasses gift set

Monogram your dad’s decanter and its wooden box, then drink from the included glasses. It’s a personalized touch for the sophisticated man who just wants to sip in peace.

SHOP – $99

Cereal Bowl Candle

cereal bowl candle

Your wife will love how cute this candle is (and wish you had gotten her cereal, too). Made from beeswax and vegetable wax, the French Vanilla scent is enchanting.

SHOP – $25.99

Handcrafted Heat Lovers Spice Blend (Set of 4)

heat lovers gift set

“Nothing’s spicy enough!” Say “Sure, honey,” when you gift them heat in a set: Caribbean, Cajun Blackened, Thai Si Racha, and Fire Salt spice blends. They’re all gluten-free, so everyone at the table can enjoy.

SHOP – $32

Vintage Art Deco Coupe Glasses

vintage crystal gift set

Drink that Old Fashioned as if you and your mom were tucked in the back of the speakeasy, sipping vintage whiskey. The art deco design is a throwback to the ‘20s.

SHOP – $54.99

William Sonoma Hot Pot

williams sonoma hot pot

Asian-style cooking just got so much more authentic with this hot pot — a perfect gift during winter. Cook your food just as you want it: with heat settings giving you the options to steam, grill, shallow-fry, or slow cook, Ramen has never tasted so good.

SHOP – $89.95

TRUFF Mini Truffle Hot Sauce Gift Set

truff truffle-infused hot sauces

We’re a little obsessed with truffle, and your brother will love these hot sauces infused with the decadent ingredient. Whether he wants to bring the original heat, turn it up a notch, or indulge in the truffle taste, these three bottles give him a choice.

SHOP – $39.99

NYT Cooking No-Recipe Recipes

new york times no-recipe recipe book

If your sister is your standard working mom, she doesn’t have time for step-by-step recipes. So give her the option of making food without 20 steps. It comes with 100 no-recipe recipes, so she can tweak until the taste is juuuuust right.

SHOP – $17.59

Ooni Koda 16″ Pizza Oven

ooni koda pizza oven

Stop with that stove-baked pizza and put it in an actual pizza oven instead. Bonus: they can cook steaks, fish, stews, and other delicious dinners in the 16” oven, making the versatility worth the price tag.

SHOP – $599.95

BBQ Grill Gift Set

bbq gift set

With a canvas and leather apron, customizable Maple wood carving board, and stainless steel tools, your sister will love this grill set for her summer barbecues.

SHOP – $313

Hu Chocolate Variety Pack

hu kitchen vegan chocolate

Eight vegan, gluten-free, organic, dairy-free, paleo chocolate bars hit the (literal) sweet spot. With flavors including hazelnut butter, crunchy mint, and vanilla crunch, your husband will love every bar.

SHOP – $43.20

Himalayan Salt Plank With Holder

himalayan salt plate

This salt plank will add extra flavor to your wife’s already-delicious dinners. Himalayan pink salt minerals add depth to any dish, and you can freeze it or heat it depending on the food you’re serving.

SHOP – $59.95


What are you gifting the foodie in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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