The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Every. Single. Relative.

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and many are wondering the age-old question: what the hell can I gift my parents for Christmas this year? What about my distant cousins? And my grandparents…what gift would mean something coming from me?

Stop your worrying, because we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for literally every. single. relative. in your life. Yes, even the cousins you haven’t seen in years. Yes, the uncle you haven’t talked to since last Christmas. Yes, everyone. You’ll be winning all the Christmas gift brownie points.

So, basically: you’re welcome, because we’re taking credit. (But you don’t have to tell your family that you needed to consult us — we’ll keep it as our little secret.)


For Wives & Moms

The company is “Happy Sales,” and yes, the ladies in your life will be very happy you caught this tea pot sale and thought of them.

gifts for parents christmas

SHOP – $36.99

If they don’t have the lighting to grow a garden, get them a system that will provide the proper LED lighting they need to thrive.

led light garden

SHOP – $88.99

A classic scent that they’ll feel sophisticated wearing, Chanel No. 5 will always be an iconic gift.

chanel no 5

SHOP – $138 (3.4 oz.)

The dried pressed flowers are a dainty touch to your standard teardrop necklace.

teardrop necklace

SHOP – $32

This Evil Eye bubble bath will pinpoint the evil in your life, then eradicate it as you soak.

EVIL EYE bubble bath

SHOP – $30

We won’t tell anyone if you gift this candle to every mom in your life — it’s pretty damn cute.

GIFTS for parents christmas

SHOP – $21

They’ll kiss sweaty nights goodbye in this lightweight, silk sleep dress.

SILK sleep dress

SHOP – $109.99

Sometimes one monitor isn’t enough; give them one that adapts to their (neck’s) needs, like SideTrak’s.

swivel monitor

SHOP – $329.99

A Scandinavian, minimalistic kettle that’s also electric? Sign us up.

electric kettle

SHOP – $189

Don’t have them settle with multiple essential oil diffusers, when they can have this one to cleanse the entire room of funky smells.


SHOP – $41.45

These simple 14K gold hoops won’t clash with their intricate holiday dresses.

gold hoops

SHOP – $79.95

Actual leather, cashmere lining, and the ability to use touchscreens with each finger make these gloves a no-brainer for winter.

leather gloves

SHOP – $21.99

This device brands itself as “fitness for your face,” so they don’t have to smile and frown five hundred times to tone.

toning for face

SHOP – $209

An elegant glass decanter looks classy on any table or shelf.

wine decanter

SHOP – $30

They’ll tell the family “yes, I’m super busy tonight,” the second they see this bathtub caddy.


SHOP – $29.99

The perfect self-sufficient herb garden for those who want fresh herbs, but can’t seem to keep them alive.

herb garden

SHOP – $109.50

Skincare who? This bath soak uses coconut milk to soothe the roughest skin.

coconut vanilla bath soak

SHOP – $32

Puzzle nerds will love you for gifting them this double-sided puzzle, so they can solve two puzzles in a box of one.


SHOP – $21.82

For Husbands & Dads

These adjustable dumbbells were meant for the man who’s dedicated to getting fit.


SHOP – $399

Help them let go of their 34,895 random tools by presenting them with this heavy-duty multitool.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $129.95

If they complain about every beer they taste, subtly tell them to just make their own already with this IPA beer brewing kit.

GIFTS for sons

SHOP – $45

A portable gas grill for the men who say “electric just isn’t the same.”


SHOP – $75

Toxic masculinity is out, but they can still feel like they’re ~The Man~ when wearing Polo Blue.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $59.98 (4.2 oz.)

Hot sauce can be so one note; give your loving snob a make-your-own sauce kit to highlight individual peppers, rather than tasting five at once.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $42

A miniature putting green perfect for the office, when paperwork gets a little too mind-numbing.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $42.71

They can entertain the entire party and monitor the meat’s temp from across the yard, thanks to a wireless meat thermometer.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $39.99

Headphones using bone-conduction tech for the working husband who can never seem to hear you calling when dinner is ready.

gifts for husband

SHOP – $79.89

Dads who just can’t seem to let go of the past will adore this vintage radio.

gifts for parents christmas

SHOP – $169

Your husband might become addicted to checking his phone each time Ring’s motion detection alert goes off — sorry about that.

ring doorbell

SHOP – $169.99

You’ll want them to wake you up using this manual espresso maker after one sip. It’s just better than the Keurig, you know?

gifts for sons

SHOP – $249

Personalized cufflinks from you will mean even more to your dad than his signature choice.

gifts for parents christmas

SHOP – $71.89

Look, they might be stubborn at first, but even they (eventually) won’t be able to deny the genius of kabob grilling baskets.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $20

This pocket flashlight is USB-rechargeable, adding a high-tech edge to your standard flashlight.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $29.95

Ideal for pool days and showers, this waterproof bluetooth speaker will play their tunes for 10 hours.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $49.95

As if the dads in your life needed any more jokes, they’ll appreciate this book’s extra material.

gifts for parents christmas

SHOP – $9.89

For Siblings

Let your sister laugh into her wine over the fact that you misplaced the “best” sister glass and could only find this one.

GIFTS FOR sisters

SHOP – $14.95

Your brother will happily accept your kind-of-compliment because this shirt is so aesthetically pleasing.


SHOP – $16.99

Miss your sibling? Send them a candle that smells like your state.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $29+

The play: cover this pillow with your face so they’re constantly reminded of you.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $5.99+

It’s been a stressful year, so you can help them relieve their knots with this heated massager.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $54.95

You and your siblings were the rulers of the house (despite what your parents said, trust me), so commemorate it with this print.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $24.79+

Weighted blankets have blown up; this blanket ups the comfort with sherpa fabric.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $49

Say “miss you” without words — simply touch this long-distance lamp, and theirs will light up too. You can assign colors to different people in a group.

cousin gifts

SHOP – $198 (2-Pk)

Stoneware, glass, and color glazes mimic geodes in these state-shaped ornaments

cousin gifts

SHOP – $18

Clear the table and pull out this mini cornhole set — sibling rivalry never fully goes away.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $50

Buy them this personal pizza maker so you can always have pizza when you visit. Ulterior motives who?

cousin gifts

SHOP – $35

Collect every family member’s recipes and put them together in this customizable cookbook for the chef sibling in the family.

gifts for chefs

SHOP – $30

Rather than gifting your sister a collection of face masks, give her this kit of ingredients to make a personal, heaven-scent mask she’ll adore — 15 of them.

gifts for sister

SHOP – $25

Your sister will appreciate an automatic stirrer, so she can do ten other things at once — she’s busy, after all.

gifts for siblings

SHOP – $25

Tense siblings will love this necklace, giving them a tool to calm their nerves and slow their heartbeats.

cousin gifts

SHOP – $85

For Sons & Daughters

If you’re sick of pulling your kids out of bed, make them chase down this alarm clock instead.

cousins gift

SHOP – $39.99

Musically-inclined kids will love this floor piano mat, which they can create jingles with with just a few steps.

gifts for daughters

SHOP – $59.99

Sparky may not pay rent, but he can swim in a water garden fish bowl that provides water to no-maintenance plants — perfect for younger kids.

gifts for daughters

SHOP – $99.99

Pillow forts are never more exciting than when constellations dance along the walls. This projector has 28 lighting effects, so you can choose your sky.

gifts for daughters

SHOP – $39.99

On-the-go gaming is simple with the Nintendo Switch Lite. It doesn’t compromise quality despite being smaller, and many say it’s a worthy alternative to the OG.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $199.99

Yes, hoverboards are still cool, and yes, LED lights and a bluetooth speaker make this one a must-have.

gifts for sons

SHOP – $199.99

You don’t want to know where their phones have been, but you can help them clean the grossness off with this UV sanitizer.

gifts for daughters

SHOP – $70

For younger kids, the Fire HD Kids Tablet offers endless entertainment while giving you control over their activities.

gifts for daughters

SHOP – $69.99

Give your little star the opportunity to shine online with a vlogging kit, which features a tabletop tripod, lavalier mic, and light.

gifts for daughters

SHOP – $47.99

Is your child really a child if they don’t have a sweet tooth? The real question: do they have the sweet tooth to finish this gigantic gummy bear?

gifts for kids

SHOP – $31.99

If your child is the next da Vinci, treat them to a personalized wooden art box to carry their utensils.

gifts for kids

SHOP – $46.73

For Grandparents

Juniper Bonsai offers feng shui in a space, bringing good luck and prosperity; your grandparents will appreciate the deeper meaning.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $28.99

Standing for long periods to vacuum can be painful. Instead, let a robot vacuum do the deep cleaning. Bonus: it will reach every inch beneath the couch.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $179.99

Don’t tell your grandparents that this customizable photo puzzle will make them cry when they read “Best Grandparents Ever.”

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $16.49

Wear matching aprons as a throwback to childhood, when you’d “help” grandma bake holiday desserts.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $21.99

Let them admire beautiful species of birds with a see-through glass bird house.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $26.90

If you have kids, this marble tic tac toe set is a simple game for great-grandpa and great-grand-toddler to bond over.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $39.95

Personalized coasters remind them of how amazing they are each time they put their cups down.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $26

Let your grandparents continue to grow gorgeous flowers with these windowsill mason jars — all they need is some water and sunlight.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $20

Muscles ache more as you get older — you don’t have to be in your 70s to know this. This CBD relief stick will penetrate the skin and take care of the pain topically.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $35.99 (1 oz.)

Set up this digital photo frame with pictures of family portraits, special places, and other heartwarming memories for a personal gift.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $154.99

Sand pictures of natural landscapes transition throughout the day, adding interest to any room.

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $99.95

The adjustable light on the Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for changing eyesight (my grandma actually swears by hers).

christmas gifts for grandparents

SHOP – $139.99

For Extended Family

Tell your loved ones why you love them with this engraved cuff bracelet, with plenty of message options.

cousin gifts

SHOP – $8.37

Tell them how you really feel with this tumbler.

cousin gifts

SHOP – $31.99

If you have a special bond with your aunts and nieces, this special morse code bracelet will underscore that connection.

gifts for aunts

SHOP – $12.98

This candle will smell good throughout every bit of trouble you have to help each other out of. (I’ll be there for you, after all.)

cousins gift

SHOP – $21 (8 oz.)

Give this baseball cap to the uncle who always let you get away with your shenanigans — and even covered for you.

gifts for uncle

SHOP – $18.08

Your relatives can’t make margaritas as good as yours, but this glassware will guide them through the process.

cousins gift

SHOP – $25

Through the candle’s scent of citrus grove (and, okay, the name), you can’t really express your love more bluntly than this.

cousins gift

SHOP – $21

Loved ones with kids are always acknowledged, so acknowledge the moms in your life who don’t take care of messy, screaming humans with a cute pin.

cousins gift

SHOP – $10


What gifts are you getting for the loved ones in your life? Share your gift suggestions in the comments!

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One thought on “The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Every. Single. Relative.

  1. These are such fantastic gift ideas (thank you). Some of my friends and family are super hard to buy for. I DREAD searching for their gifts lol. However, I did find a book that I will be gifting to quite a few moms with younger children. A group of us started talking about how to tell your child Santa isn’t real. UGHHH – the worst topic. I found a book that helps deal with this issue in a fun and special way. It’s called “Secret Santa Claus Club” by Jeff Janke ( Instead of making it a SAD and traumatic conversation ask your child to join the club of keeping the spirit of Santa alive and adding in some Christmas magic. It’s a club only they can know about and there are rules and responsibilities. One of the book club moms is trying it this year and she is excited to see what her daughter thinks. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful book and I truly appreciate this clever new way to talk about Santa with my little ones. I hope you and your readers will check it out. Happy holiday reading everyone!