Every Pet Parent In Your Life Will Love These 24 Adorable Christmas Gifts

I adopted my emotional support cat three years ago, in the depths of my bipolar depression, and to say she saved my life is an understatement. I didn’t understand why people were so in love with their pets, but it all makes sense now! If you have pet owners in your life, we’ve put together a list of gifts you can present to them on any occasion, whether they’re cat lovers (hello), dog moms, or betta parents.


Every dog mom is the best mom, but you can give your friend this mug as validation.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $15.95

Give them the cutest drawing of their pup, with plenty of choices to personalize it.

pup portrait

SHOP – $75

Look, you can’t blame a dog parent for wanting to know everything about their baby through this DNA kit.

dog dna kit

SHOP – $89.99

Keep them warm and proud of their dog with this personalized sweatshirt.

pet sweatshirt

SHOP – $49.60+

This jewelry holder is the best gift for all cat lovers, with a tail perfect for hanging rings.

cat ring holder

SHOP – $19.99

“Canines and caffeine make me happy” — can this travel mug be any more accurate or…?

SHOP – $14.99+

I’m not saying I’m ordering this personalized phone case ASAP because I’m obsessed with my cat, but I’m not not saying that.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $33.76+

Did Fluffy escape again? This tracker will show them where she is, whether she’s next door or across the country.

pet tracker

SHOP – $103.96+

Dogs decorate this adorable apron, perfect for pup lovers who also love to cook.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $12.99

Over cleaning the litter box? Same. Use an automatic cleaner instead.

gift for pet owners

SHOP – $549

These silicone dog molds are perfect for cooling down drinks and baking biscuits in the shape of treats and paws.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $13.99

Prada understood the assignment when they released these scarf pet collars.

PET gifts for owners

SHOP – $320

You didn’t think we’d exclude fish, did you? This bubble fish bowl hangs on their wall as a home for their bettas and as decor.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $19.98

They can read this personalized pet storybook to their dog, featuring their pup’s name throughout and a personal message from your friend at the start. Don’t judge.

pet storybook

SHOP – $29.99

For all of the artsy pet owners in your life, gift them a portrait of their pet a la Andy Warhol style.

andy warhol pet portrait

SHOP – $150+

Dogs deserve the best, and they can dine like royalty with dog treat macarons.

macaron dog treats

SHOP – $24

My cat is a fan of climbing on my keyboard. If their cat does the same, this faux laptop with a scratching pad is perfect for cats who just want to help your friend work.

PET GIFTS for owners

SHOP – $35

Skip PetSmart’s dog and cat beds, and invest in this mini-home for them instead.

pet home

SHOP – $210

These cards illustrate what different actions and noises mean, so their dog can effectively “communicate” its needs — and feel understood.

how to speak dog cards

SHOP – $10

Don’t go to the vet every week to check your kitty’s health — Pretty Litter alerts you to urinary and kidney problems using color markers.

pretty litter

SHOP – $22+/month

Even the best dog beds sink and slump. Not Casper’s bed — it promises to hold up no matter how often their pup snoozes in it.

casper dog bed

SHOP – $139+

My sister-in-law is a fellow cat lover, and she gifted me this carrier last year. So, yeah, my cat comes with me everywhere now. It’s fine, don’t worry about my sanity.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $32.99

Even the cleanest houses can smell like animals. Choose one of these candles to eradicate the stink.


SHOP – $21.99

Our store has both cat lover pens and dog lover pens. I will now only be writing with my “Ask Me About My Cat” pen. (Please ask me about my cat.)

pet gifts for owners

pet gifts for owners



Cats suffer from Resting Bitch Face, and this cat tea towel emulates the glare. The dog tea towel, on the other hand, is cute AF.

cat tea towel

dog tea towels



Feel the demanding stare for food each time you use this oven mitt to cook your own dinner.

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $17.50


Which gifts are you getting for the pet owners in your life? Tell us below!

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