Choose Your Favorite Actor And We’ll Guess Your Love Language

Choose Your Favorite Actor And We'll Guess Your Love Language
Your love language is physical touch!

You love hugs, cuddles, hand holds, head scratches, and anything that makes you feel physically close to your partner and those you love. Ask your partner to add in activities to your date nights like massages, cuddle sessions, and other moments where you can be physically intimate!
Your love language is acts of service!

You feel the most loved when people help you out in life. Whether it’s running to the store, cleaning the dishes, or any other small chores you might have to do around your house, having someone take them over makes you feel special and loved.
Your love language is words of affirmation!

While you don’t need anyone to tell you you’re beautiful, wise, brilliant, fun, and a great partner, it does nothing but boost your mood. Add loving conversations into your daily routine with your partner and words of affirmations into your daily routine with yourself!
Your love language is receiving gifts!

It can be as small as a bouquet of flowers or as big as a car (I’ll take the car), but you feel the most loved when people show you affection by bringing you gifts. You know they thought of you while they were away from you and it makes you feel special and sought out.
Your love language is quality time!

You love spending time with the people you adore and really investing in them. Whether you’re eating dinner, baking, cleaning, or just being in each other’s presence, you want every moment you spend with your partner to be one you cherish.


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