Start Journaling “Write” Now With Our Favorite Journal Prompts And Supplies

Journaling is one of the best practices you do for your mental health. 

If you’re like me, you’re constantly going. I have a constant mental list of what to do, what to buy, what to clean, how I feel, what books I need to read, and more. It’s exhausting to keep up with all of it and we shouldn’t expect ourselves to. 

The act of journaling helps you take all the fuzzy mess in your brain and put it on paper.

It takes practice and a lot of active mindfulness to choose not to drown in your thoughts, but once you do, I promise, you’ll have found an outlet that will almost always work. 

If you’re not too sure how to start journaling, we have some wonderful prompts and supplies that will help you.

“Here is Everything Wrong in the World”

I had a therapist suggest this practice to me. When we’re in our heads and compartmentalizing everything, we often awfulize things. Our brains play tricks on us and they often don’t let us see the full picture. If you’re feeling like your sanity is getting drowned out with worst-case scenarios, write down everything wrong in your life. More than likely, the list won’t be as long and impossible to conquer as you might think. 

Another plan of action to take when you write down your woes is to trace them to the worst possible outcome. I swear, there’s a reason for this. My brain often takes a scenario where the worst case would result in something very minor and blows it up. When you put pen to paper and think about the likely solution or result, it might still not be pleasant, but it’s also less likely to be as detrimental as you might think.

“I am…”

Utilizing the tool of manifestation could quite literally help you create your dream life. Next time you sit down to reflect on your goals, write them down in the present tense. Accept what will happen and open yourself up to it.

I suggest manifesting during times when angel numbers are present, like November 11th at 11:11, May 5th at 5:55, and so on. Also, be specific about what you want. If you could get everything you wanted, why not make it as specific as possible?

“These are the People Who Make Me Feel The Most Myself”

Journaling is a great form of self-reflection, but it’s also a wonderful tool to reflect on the people around you. You can reflect on your loved ones in many different ways. Make a list of everyone you love and see where people end up on the list. Also, see how long it takes you to list yourself as one of those people. 

You can also write notes to your loved ones in your journal that they don’t need to see, but it might help you to realize just how much you love them.

“One Reason I Got Out of Bed Today”

It’s hard to wake up and go every single day. Make a “joy list” of all the reasons you continue to get out of bed. There is joy in everyday life and routines, so find your joy and reflect upon it! You can continue to do this every time you add something to your routine, if you’re making a master list. You can also recreate this list every month, week, or day and get specific on the things you’re looking forward to.

“How Can I Best Love Myself Today?”

The answer to this prompt might change every single day. There are days when loving yourself looks like eating a huge breakfast and going back to sleep. There are other days when loving yourself looks like working hard and getting things done, so future you won’t have to worry about them. 

Ask yourself how you ought to show up for your future self and then do it. You can also widen this prompt and ask how you can best love others or certain people as well, but don’t forget yourself when you do.

“What Feeds My Soul and Why?”

We neglect to feed our souls as often as we should. If you sit down and mindfully reflect on the things, activities, and people in your life that feed your soul and bring you joy every time you’re with them, you’ll be more inclined to incorporate them into your everyday life, and thus, your soul will be fed more often. 

Also, chase after why these things, people, or activities feed your soul. See if there’s a common thread in all of them or if they differ in what they bring to the table. You will learn a lot about yourself when you look at what brings you the most joy in life.

“Where am I Holding the Most Tension Today?”

Our bodies are constantly holding tension, whether we’re aware of it or not. There’s physical tension that can often be felt and released when we practice mindful reflection, but there’s also spiritual tension. 

Explore where in your body you feel tension, both spiritually and physically. If you feel constant tension in certain areas of your body, explore the chakras that align with those areas and look into how you can further release tension there.

Wilde House Paper Self-Reflections NotepadWilde House Paper Self-Reflections Notepad

If you’re not sure about taking the plunge into journaling, a notepad might be the perfect middle ground. This pad has space for you to assess each day. There’s a space for you to track your mood, highlights, movement, purpose, inspiration, affirmations, and much more. This is the perfect beginner’s journal.


Classic Moleskine Notebookmoleskin classic notebook

If you would rather free-hand your journal prompt and responses, this beautiful Moleskine is for you. With eight different color options and seven different line choices for your pages, you can completely customize your journal to your preferences.


Micron Pen SetMicron Pen Set

These stunning pens have not only beautiful tips but also multiple colors for those of us who love to color code. Everyone who has a micron pen set adores them and they are some of the best for creative journaling.


iBayam Journal Planner PensiBayam Journal Planner pens

Another treat for the color-coded enthusiasts! This pen set is perfect for note-taking, color coding, highlighting, and more. With eighteen vibrant colors, this set has everything you’re looking for when it comes to journaling.



Do you love to journal? What are your favorite prompts? Comment below!

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