You Won’t Believe These Proven Benefits Of Journaling Every Day

Now that we have bullet journal entry ideas, you might be wondering about the benefits of journaling every day. Is journaling worth carving extra time out of my day? We think so — here’s why!


Clear Your Mind

Journaling at the end of the day is the perfect practice to clear your mind before getting to sleep. People always say that couples shouldn’t go to bed in a fight — or with anything unsaid. This can be applied to yourself, too. Before I get to sleep, I need to put my thoughts down onto paper so they aren’t rattling around my brain all night. Journaling can act as windshield wipers at the end of a long day, clearing out your mind before you drift to sleep.

Feeling Stressed? Let It Out

One study showed that journaling helped with stress and other ailments, even physical wounds. Crazy, right? It has also been found that writing about a stressful situation can be a healthy way to deal with how it’s affecting you. Stress can also be avoided in the morning with journaling. I know if I feel like I have a lot to get done in one day, I wake up feeling nervous and stressed. A good way to work through these feelings is by writing out and looking over everything you need to get done. Once it’s down on paper and not floating around my mind, it looks way less scary and I feel way more capable.

Stay Organized

If you feel like you are constantly struggling to remember everything you need to, journaling can help. You can make budget trackers, goal trackers, write down your thoughts for later, keep a running list of books you read — anything! To-do lists are popular for a reason, and journaling makes it possible to create so many different types so nothing ever gets forgotten again. And, did you know that journaling has been found to improve overall memory? Win-win!

Boost Your Mood

Not only can using habit trackers (like the ones above) bring you joy, but journaling overall can bring more happiness to your life. Being creative always makes me feel better and journals are the perfect way to do that. Your journal doesn’t have to be boring words on a page — have fun with it! Personally, I like to collage in my journal by cutting out words, pictures, and art from magazines. You can draw, paint, design your pages, use stickers or washi tape, and so much more! Bring yourself joy and get the added benefits!


 Do you like journaling? Share some advice and tips below!

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